Tom Brady is Headed to Florida | NFL Free Agency 3/17/20

NFL Free Agency 3/17/20

Before the league year even officially started, we have already had some blockbuster moves. Between Tom Brady moving on from the patriots and Bill O’Brien making a shocking trade it is already set up to be an exciting year in free agency.

Ryan Tannehill got Paid

While many thought the Tennessee Titans would pursue Tom Brady in free agency they had other plans.  After leading the Titans to the Divisional round Ryan Tannehill showed that he is still a good QB in the NFL. This was the first major announcement of free agency with the signing of a 4-year contract worth $118 million. It will be fun to see if Tannehill can continue to be successful in the coming years.

David Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins Trade

The first major trade that we saw during NFL Free Agency was David Johnson being sent to the Houston Texans in exchange for DeAndre Hopkins. From the Texans’ perspective this seems like a very questionable trade. This marks the 3rd RB trade in 8 months that Bill O’Brien has been involved in. While I think David Johnson still has potential in this league, DeAndre Hopkins has looked like the much better play in the past years. From a Cardinals perspective, this is a much-needed add at the WR spot.  DeAndre Hopkins will help Kyler Murray continue to succeed in his sophomore season.

The Cowboys sign Amari Cooper

The Cowboys were somehow able to resign Elliot, Prescott, and Cooper, but it will cost them. Not only are all three of these guys every high profile and expensive players but that top-level talent affects the entire team. Only time will tell if this was the right move for the Cowboys, but right now it appears that letting one of them go would have saved them a lot of money. 

Will Marcus Mariota be the Radiers Savior

While I believe that Derek Carr was not the future of the Raiders, I’m not sure that Marcus Mariota is the answer. This just seems like an odd pick up for a team that has been defending Derek Carr for years at this point. The Raiders seem like a team that is only a few pieces away from a championship and Mariota doesn’t seem like the player that will get them over the edge.

Teddy Bridgewater Stays in the NFC South

Just a few years ago Teddy Bridgewater was the franchise QB for the Vikings. After a bad knee injury in 2016 he struggled to get playing time until Drew Brees went down mid-season and he was called in. During this stretch of games, he was able to show that he still had what it takes it accel in the NFL. Next season he will get his chance to prove his worth as the starter for the Carolina Panthers.


Philip Rivers is Packing up the Van

Throughout the season, it appeared that Philip rivers days were numbered in San Diego (aka Los Angles). Just a year ago Andrew Luck looked like he would have a long career with the Colts, but that came to an end when he retired in August. Now Philip Rivers and his 45 kids are headed to Indianapolis. The most important question regarding this signing is whether of not Philip Rivers complaining will follow him.

Tom Brady is Headed to Florida

In only day two of legal tampering Tom Brady is headed to Tampa. When he announced this morning that he would be leaving New England I was shocked. I personally thought that he was going to end up back in New England. With all that said if there is any coach that has had success with QB’s like Brady, it’s Bruce Arians. This pairing will truly show us whether or not Tom Brady really was the important piece in those championship teams.

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