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Horse Racing Results

Horse Racing01-16-2021TP73 Majestic Blend (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-16-2021TAM92 Lucky Stride (WPS)Win
Horse Racing01-16-2021TAM62 Charge It All (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-16-2021TAM46 Cloud Ten (WPS)Win
Horse Racing01-16-2021SA46 Florentine Diamond (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-16-2021SA12 Jetovator (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-16-2021LRL92 So Dialed In (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-16-2021LRL86 Kenny Had A Notion (WPS)Win
Horse Racing01-16-2021LRL32 Gale (WP)Win
Horse Racing01-16-2021GP96 Red Crescent (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-16-2021GP61 Rockstar Ro (Win)Win
Horse Racing01-16-2021GP42 Courageously (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-16-2021GP32 Friendly Fella (Win)Win
Horse Racing01-16-2021GP113 Alley To Calvary (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-16-2021GG83 Red Star (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-16-2021GG63 Proud To Shoyu (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-16-2021GG48 Nice And True (Win)Win
Horse Racing01-16-2021FG56 Go Big Green (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-16-2021FG46 Blameworthy (Win)Win
Horse Racing01-16-2021FG25 Li'L Tootsie (WPS)Win
Horse Racing01-16-2021CT43 China Cat (WP)Win
Horse Racing01-16-2021AQU81 Vacay (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-16-2021AQU47 Full Moon Fever (P)Win
Horse Racing01-15-2021TP52 Bango (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-15-2021TUP66 Trans Mississippi (WPS)Scratch
Horse Racing01-15-2021TUP41 Dances For Kamia (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-15-2021TUP32 Lieutenant Margie (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-15-2021TAM87 Teton Thai (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-15-2021TAM21 Mi Cleopatra And I (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-15-2021SA76 Sombeyay (WP)Win
Horse Racing01-15-2021PEN93 Mickey T (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-15-2021PEN84 Weallwegot (S)Win
Horse Racing01-15-2021PEN312 Vinny Boy (WP)Scratch
Horse Racing01-15-2021PEN25 Tinder Date (PS)Win
Horse Racing01-15-2021PEN12 Stone Hearted (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-15-2021LRL88 Cougar Vision (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-15-2021LRL34 Elevator Shaft (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-15-2021LRL22 Stay Out (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-15-2021LRL12 Moonsafe (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-15-2021GP814 Beasaichi (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-15-2021GP46 Ranger Up (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-15-2021GP32 Bacchanalia (Win)Win
Horse Racing01-15-2021GP27 The Angry Man (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-15-2021GP16 Awesome Beach (Win)Win
Horse Racing01-15-2021GG67 Kaline (WPS)Win
Horse Racing01-15-2021FG92 Louisiana Special (WPS)Scratch
Horse Racing01-15-2021AQU56 Pendolino (S)Win
Horse Racing01-14-2021TP63 Skygaze (Win)Win
Horse Racing01-14-2021TP39 Scale (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-14-2021TUP45 Overlooked (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-14-2021GP96 Whatdoesasharksay (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-14-2021GP82 Infinite (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-14-2021GP74 Tiz Enough (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-14-2021GP32 Take Profit (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-14-2021FG73 Shades Of Truth (Win)Scratch
Horse Racing01-14-2021DED74 Andiamo Giacomo (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-14-2021DED48 Arctic Rose (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-14-2021DED15 Buy In (Win)Win
Horse Racing01-14-2021CT76 Broad Storm (WP)Win
Horse Racing01-14-2021CT64 Never Compromise (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-14-2021CT15 Ragtime Cowboy Joe (PS)Win
Horse Racing01-13-2021TUP82 Olympic Express (P)Win
Horse Racing01-13-2021TUP75 Equivocator (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-13-2021TAM72 D'Craziness (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-13-2021TAM41 Ox Trot (PS)Win
Horse Racing01-13-2021PEN83 Brooklyns Surprise (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-13-2021PEN76 Light My Path (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-13-2021PEN57 Unoquatrosiete (Win)Win
Horse Racing01-13-2021PEN16 Tonka Flower (PS)Win
Horse Racing01-13-2021PRX89 Sally O'Prado (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-13-2021PRX74 Blue Paynt (WP)Win
Horse Racing01-13-2021GP59 Voter Protection (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-13-2021GP46 Beast Of Wildwood (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-13-2021DED23 Guilty Confession (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-13-2021DED110 Dream Twister (PS)Win
Horse Racing01-13-2021CT71 Boundtobebad (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-13-2021CT614 Expect Drama (WP)Scratch
Horse Racing01-13-2021CT34 Banner Man (P)Win
Horse Racing01-10-2021TAM86 Russian Roulette (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-10-2021TAM67 He Had A Secret (PS)Win
Horse Racing01-10-2021TAM41 Little Dude (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-10-2021SA25 Hotitude (WPS)Win
Horse Racing01-10-2021LRL63 Not Telling (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-10-2021LRL51 Southside Warrior (WPS)Win
Horse Racing01-10-2021LRL27 Sir Lenny (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-10-2021GP112 Wow (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-10-2021GP81 Ohanzee (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-10-2021GP63 Miss Adeline (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-10-2021GP47 Fixico (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-10-2021FG98 No Quarter (PS)Win
Horse Racing01-10-2021FG31A Staceys Racey (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-10-2021AQU98 Lucky Lindsey (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-10-2021AQU87 Lookin For Trouble (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-10-2021AQU72 Flower's Fortune (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-09-2021TP712 Krewe Chief (Win)Win
Horse Racing01-09-2021TP29 Natoma (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-09-2021TP12 My Dear Lolita (WPS)Win
Horse Racing01-09-2021TAM108 Pugilist (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-09-2021TAM910 Uncle Hal (PS)Win
Horse Racing01-09-2021TAM63 Night Things (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-09-2021TAM32 Melancholy Blues (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-09-2021SA91 Bohemian Bourbon (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-09-2021SA83 Fighting Mad (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-09-2021SA73 Endless Sunset (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-09-2021SA47 Wicks And Chappies (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-09-2021SA37 Rose's Crystal (Win)Win
Horse Racing01-09-2021LRL93 Sand In My Shoes (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-09-2021LRL62 Bean Indiscreet (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-09-2021LRL37 Midnight Crossing (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-09-2021LRL25 Gallinella (WP)Win
Horse Racing01-09-2021LRL11 Mosler's Image (Win)Win
Horse Racing01-09-2021GP23 Superhighway (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-09-2021FG101 Fifty Protection (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-09-2021FG96 Snowball (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-09-2021FG710 Immortal (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-09-2021FG56 Drakkar (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-09-2021AQU72 Beaver Creek (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-09-2021AQU44 Delaware Destiny (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-09-2021AQU33 My Boy Tate (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-09-2021AQU27 Supreme Aura (WPS)Scratch
Horse Racing01-08-2021TP74 Native Charm (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-08-2021TP511 Coastal Waters (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-08-2021TP29 Decision Maker (Win)Win
Horse Racing01-08-2021TUP73 Super Cat Speed (Win)Win
Horse Racing01-08-2021TAM914 C'Est Parti (WPS)Scratch
Horse Racing01-08-2021TAM83 Uncork The Bottle (S)Win
Horse Racing01-08-2021TAM75 Alonzo Mosely (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-08-2021TAM22 Last Investment (P)Win
Horse Racing01-08-2021TAM17 Moments To Saver (S)Win
Horse Racing01-08-2021SA88 Pubilius Syrus (WPS)Win
Horse Racing01-08-2021PEN93 Naturally Quick (WPS)Win
Horse Racing01-08-2021PEN67 Old Faithful (PS)Win
Horse Racing01-08-2021PEN34 Give Me An Eye (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-08-2021LRL87 Champagne Toast (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-08-2021LRL64 Josef Is Real (PS)Win
Horse Racing01-08-2021LRL53 Sue Loves Barbados (WPS)Win
Horse Racing01-08-2021LRL28 Big Rinne (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-08-2021GP108 Golovkin (WP)Win
Horse Racing01-08-2021GP64 Reservenotattained (WPS)Win
Horse Racing01-08-2021GP26 My Little Rose (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-08-2021GP13 Jr Speed (WPS)Win
Horse Racing01-08-2021FG88 Cloud Ten (WPS)Scratch
Horse Racing01-08-2021FG71A Deanos Cape (S)Win
Horse Racing01-08-2021CT95 Righteous Renegade (Win)Scratch
Horse Racing01-08-2021CT88 Wakes Up Happy (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-08-2021CT65 Executive Retreat (WP)Win
Horse Racing01-08-2021CT35 Jen's Orphan (WP)Win
Horse Racing01-08-2021AQU41A In The Zone (S)Win
Horse Racing01-06-2021TP44 Silver Maple (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-06-2021TUP28 Angels On High (P)Win
Horse Racing01-06-2021TUP15 My Claw (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-06-2021TAM79 Neat Street (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-06-2021TAM14 Thrown For A Loupe (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-06-2021PRX61A Kid D'Oro (S)Win
Horse Racing01-06-2021PRX37 Immunity (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-06-2021PRX24 Pasatime (WP)Win
Horse Racing01-06-2021PRX15 Boston Light (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-06-2021GP66 Foolish Heart (PS)Win
Horse Racing01-06-2021FG93 Looking Hot (S)Win
Horse Racing01-06-2021CT63 Youreoutofcontrol (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-06-2021CT18 Happy Freedom (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-04-2021TUP43 Courageous (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-04-2021PRX93 Just A Thought (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-04-2021PRX52 Shero (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-04-2021PRX46 African Song (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-04-2021PRX21 Inspired Options (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-04-2021DED91 Crapaud (PS)Win
Horse Racing01-04-2021DED611 She's The Boss (WPS)Scratch
Horse Racing01-04-2021DED18 Blue Bomber (PS)Win
Horse Racing01-03-2021TAM94 Dreaming Of Paris (S)Win
Horse Racing01-03-2021TAM34 Purimeter (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-03-2021TAM12 Lady Breanna (WPS)Win
Horse Racing01-03-2021SA25 Little Rachel (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-03-2021LRL46 Keepyourskateson (S)Win
Horse Racing01-03-2021LRL31 Twinstinct (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-03-2021LRL12 Thunderturtle (WPS)Win
Horse Racing01-03-2021GP114 Wecallherqueenmary (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-03-2021GP104 Like You (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-03-2021GP910 Vintage Kitten (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-03-2021GP86 Mystical Moon (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-03-2021GP56 Kitten's Covergirl (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-03-2021GP112 Generic Joe (Ire) (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-03-2021FG511 Half Mine (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-03-2021FG43 Excess Magic (WP)Win
Horse Racing01-03-2021FG23 Bring Me A Check (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-03-2021AQU58 Princess Corey (PS)Win
Horse Racing01-02-2021TAM36 Nora Radd (P)Win
Horse Racing01-02-2021SA23 Popular Kid (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-02-2021LRL93 Imagine Victory (S)Win
Horse Racing01-02-2021LRL65 Pardon The Pun (PS)Win
Horse Racing01-02-2021LRL14 Rippolino (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-02-2021GP111 Street Copper (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-02-2021GP27 Nona Rac (WP)Loss
Horse Racing01-02-2021FG91 Saranya (WPS)Win
Horse Racing01-02-2021FG42 Haleys Sailor (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-02-2021FG110 Gilded Apple (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-02-2021AQU61 Jill's A Hot Mess (PS)Win
Horse Racing01-01-2021TP18 Victoryatvicksburg (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-01-2021TAM84 Arrogant Man (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-01-2021TAM32 Baby Bee Merry (Win)Win
Horse Racing01-01-2021SA83 Let's Rejoyce (WPS)Win
Horse Racing01-01-2021SA56 Midnight Mystery (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-01-2021SA25 Imperial Creed (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-01-2021LRL45 Mine Not Mine (S)Win
Horse Racing01-01-2021GP109 Honorifique (PS)Win
Horse Racing01-01-2021GP87 Break Beat (PS)Win
Horse Racing01-01-2021GP71 Timewon'Tletmego (P)Win
Horse Racing01-01-2021GP34 The Angry Man (WPS)Loss
Horse Racing01-01-2021FG98 Diamond And Silks (S)Win
Horse Racing01-01-2021FG49 Bella Belle (WP)Scratch
Horse Racing01-01-2021FG36 Bucky (WP)Win
Horse Racing01-01-2021FG22 Bitsy's Other Half (WPS)Scratch
Horse Racing01-01-2021AQU84 Eagle Orb (Win)Loss
Horse Racing01-01-2021AQU51 Lost In Rome (WP)Win

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