XFL Picks

XFL Week 5 Prediction 2020

We had another great week in the XFL last week going 3-1. That takes us to an overall record of 10-6 on the season. This weeks games looks to produce more great outcomes. Enough talking...

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XFL Week 4 Prediction 2020

After a strong start to the XFL in the first 2 weeks, we took a slight step back in Week 3 going 1-3. While not a great week we still have a winning record overall...

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XFL Week 3 Prediction 2020

After going 4-0 in week 1 we split our week 2 games going 2-2. Through two weeks of play, we are starting to see that the quarterbacks may be the drawback to the XFL.

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XFL Week 2 Prediction 2020

We had the best start possible in the XFL last week going 4-0. The XFL appears to be a more exciting brand of football than the AAF was last year. Only time will tell if...

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XFL Week 1

XFL Week 1 Prediction 2020

For any new league, it is hard to identify what teams will look like. The AAF last year gave us a glimpse of what some of these teams may look like. Last year we were...

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