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Computer Picks

Computer Picks 1

NBA Picks 1/21/21

Today's NBA Picks look to be another great one. The headline of tonight's card is the Milwaukee Bucks vs Los Angeles Lakers. I have the Los Angeles Lakers ...

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Computer Picks 2

NHL Picks 1/21/21

We are back on the ice with another great card of NHL Picks. Today’s card is headlined by the New York Islanders vs New Jersey Devils game, which looks to ...

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Computer Picks 3

CBB Picks 1/21/21

Our CBB Picks today has 28 games. Tonight's biggest game is head lined by the Iowa vs Indiana. My pick for this game is the Indiana +11. My underdog to wat...

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Computer Picks 5

NBA Picks 1/20/21

Today we have another full card of NBA Picks. This card is headlined by the Philadelphia 76ers vs Boston Celtics game, which looks to hold up to the hype. ...

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Computer Picks 6

NHL Picks 1/20/21

Our NHL Picks today has 5 plays. This card has a great game featuring the Vegas Golden Knights vs Arizona Coyotes. I have the Vegas Golden Knights -192 com...

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Computer Picks 7

CBB Picks 1/20/21

There are some great CBB games today on our CBB Picks card. The headline of today's card is the Providence vs Creighton. My pick for this game is the Provi...

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Computer Picks 8

NBA Picks 1/19/21

Today we have 2 picks featured on the NBA Picks card. Tonight's biggest game is the Utah Jazz vs New Orleans Pelicans. I like the New Orleans Pelicans +9 i...

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Computer Picks 9

NHL Picks 1/19/21

Another full day of hockey gets going with our NHL Picks. Tonight's card has a great game featuring the Nashville Predators vs Carolina Hurricanes. I am on...

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Computer Picks 10

CBB Picks 1/19/21

There are a lot of great CBB games featured in our CBB Picks. My main pick for tonight's card is in the Villanova vs Seton Hall game. My pick for this game...

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