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PFL 3 Picks

Denis Goltsov vs Justin Willis

The first game on the card is Denis Goltsov fighting Justin Willis. The biggest struggle for Denis Goltsov is the lack of volume in his strikes. Justin Willis on the other hand is a very fast striker and uses the volume to his advantage. My pick for this fight is Justin Willis +140.

Genah Fabian vs Laura Sanchez

The second fight on the card is Genah Fabian fighting Laura Sanchez. Genah Fabian is very light on her feet and a very good fighter. Laura Sanchez on the other hand just doen’t have the high-level fighting experience. My pick for this fight is Genah Fabian -165.

Cindy Dandois vs Kaitlin Young

The next fight on the card is Cindy Dandois taking on Kaitlin Young. Cindy Dandois is not a good striker at all. Kaitlin Young on the other hand is an excellent striker and very powerful with her hands. My pick for this fight is Kaitlin Young -150.

Mohammed Usman vs Brandon Sayles

The final pick on the card is Mohammed Usman taking on Brandon Sayles. At 40 years old and 3 years since his last fight, Brandon Sayles does not of the ability that he once did. Mohammed Usman on the other hand is a great overall fight all around. My pick for this fight is Mohammed Usman -380.

  • Justin Willis +140
  • Genah Fabian -165
  • Kaitlin Young -150
  • Mohammed Usman -380


PFL Picks 5/6

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