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PFL 2 Picks

Dan Spohn vs Marthin Hamlet

The first fight on today’s card is Dan Spohn taking on Marthin Hamlet. While Spohn has some decent striking, but the volume of his strike is lacking. Hamlet is a very patient fighter a has a huge advantage if this fight goes to the ground. My pick for this fight is Marthin Hamlet -135.

Vinny Magalhaes vs Jordan Young

The next fight on the card is Vinny Magalhaes fighting Jordan Young. The biggest problem with Magalhaes is he comes out strong in the first round but doesn’t fare well as the fight goes on. Young on the other hand does a really good job waiting for his moment and attacking. My pick for this fight is Jordan Young -105.

Rory Macdonald vs Curtis Millender

The Main Event on this card is Rory Macdonald taking on Curtis Millender. Curtis Millender has almost no ground game and can’t defend the takedown to save his life. Rory Macdonald has an easy path to victory in this fight if he takes it to the ground. My pick for this fight is Rory Macdonald -420.

  • Marthin Hamlet -135
  • Jordan Young -105
  • Rory Macdonald -420


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