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NFL Picks Week 9

Lions vs Vikings

The first game on today’s NFL card is the Lions taking on the Vikings. The Vikings come into this game off a huge win against the Packers last week, while the Lions looked terrible against the Colts. The biggest struggle for the Lions so far this season has been getting there defense off of the field with a time possession of only 23:49. The Vikings have done a much better job with a time of possession of 27:29. The Vikings have also done a great job of limiting penalties with 4.86 penalties for 34.57 yards. The Lions on the other hand have 5.14 penalties for 54.57 yards. My pick for this game is the Vikings -4.

Seahawks vs Bills

The Seahawks travel to Buffalo to take on the Bills in our second early play of the day. The Seahawks have been putting up big points this season averaging 34.29 points per game. The Bills on the other hand surprisingly have struggled to score with only 24.75 points per game. The Seahawks have also done a great job moving the ball with 414.42 yards per game. The Bills on the other hand only have 372.01 yards per game. My pick for this game is the Seahawks -2.5.

Saints vs Buccaneers

The Saints come into Sunday Night Football as 5-point underdogs against the Buccaneers. One of the strongest parts of the Saints game is there ability to not turn the ball over only averaging 0.71 turnovers per game. The Buccaneers on the other hand have done a poor job holding on to the ball with 1 turnover per game. The Saints have also done a great job of moving the ball with 385.86 yards per game. The Buccaneers haven’t moved the ball as well with only 368.38 yards per games. My pick for SNF is the Saints +5.

Patroits vs Jets

The final play of the week comes from the MNF matchup between the Patriots and Jets. While the Patriots have struggled in their last few games, they come into this one as 7-point favorites. While the Patriots haven’t done a great job of putting up points with only 19.43 points per game, it is still much better than the Jets 11.75 points per game. The Patriots have also done a good job of moving the ball with 351.71 yards per game. The Jets haven’t moved the ball near as well with 259.01 yards per game. My pick for this game is the Patriots -7.


  • Vikings -4
  • Seahawks -2.5
  • Saints +5
  • Patroits -7


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