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NFL Picks Week 10

Jaguars vs Packers

The first game on today’s NFL card is a matchup between the Jaguars and the Packers. These are two teams that have been headed in completely different directions with the Jaguars sitting at 1-7 and the packers sitting at 6-2. One of the most impressive parts of the Packers game is there ability not to turn the ball over with only 0.38 turnovers per game. The Jaguars on the other hance are averaging 1.38 turnovers per game. The Packers have also done a great job of holding on to the ball with 33:19 time of possession. The Jaguars on the other hand only have 28:15 time of possession. My pick for this game is the Packers -13.

Eagles vs Giants

Next, we have a “big time matchup” in the NFC East between the Eagles and Giants. While these teams only have a combined 5 wins, they are both still in contention for a division championship and playoff birth. The Eagles come into this game having put up 23.25 points per game so far. The Giants have done near as good with only 18.67 points. I think that the Eagles are looking to be the best team in the division, and I think they will cove the -3.5 in this one.

Chargers vs Dolphins

The next game of the day is a matchup of two rookie QB’s in Justin Herbert and the Chargers taking on Tua Tagovailoa and the Dolphins. When it comes to looking at any rookie QB’s performance, a lot can change from week to week. The Chargers have struggled to close out close game this season, while the Dolphins are finding way to win. One of the biggest parts of the Chargers game has been there ability to move the ball down field with 420.01 yards per game. The Dolphins on the other hand have only put up 322.88 yards per game. I think that this will be a very close game that most likely comes down to the last possession. I think that Justin Herbert is the slightly better QB and will cover the +2.5.

49ers vs Saints

The final play of the day features the 49ers taking on the Saints. The Saints come into this game following a huge victory over the Buccaneers. So far this season the Saints have done a good job of not turning the ball over with only .88 turnovers per game. The 49ers on the other hand have turned the ball over 1.44 times per game. The Saints have also done a decent job of putting up points this season with 30.5 points per game. The 49ers haven’t put up near as much with 25 points per game. My pick for this game is the Saints -9.


  • Packers -13
  • Eagles -3.5
  • Chargers +2.5
  • Saints -9


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