2024 NBA Close Results



League Date ▼Close/Open Bet Type Matchup Pick Odds Edge Result Bet Size Profit
NBA12/06/2023CloseMoneylinePhiladelphia 76ers @ Washington WizardsWashington Wizards+40017.04%Loss3.41u-3.41u
NBA12/06/2023CloseSpreadPhiladelphia 76ers @ Washington WizardsWashington Wizards +10.5-10512.11%Win2.42u+2.3u
NBA12/06/2023CloseTotalPhiladelphia 76ers @ Washington WizardsUnder 241-10519.1%Loss3.82u-3.82u
NBA12/06/2023CloseMoneylineSan Antonio Spurs @ Minnesota TimberwolvesMinnesota Timberwolves-5888.98%Win1.8u+0.31u
NBA12/06/2023CloseSpreadSan Antonio Spurs @ Minnesota TimberwolvesMinnesota Timberwolves -12-10513.23%Loss2.65u-2.65u
NBA12/06/2023CloseTotalSan Antonio Spurs @ Minnesota TimberwolvesUnder 231.5-11013.5%Win2.7u+2.45u
NBA12/06/2023CloseTotalMiami Heat @ Toronto RaptorsOver 220-1109.72%Loss1.94u-1.94u
NBA12/06/2023CloseMoneylineMemphis Grizzlies @ Detroit PistonsMemphis Grizzlies-12010.73%Win2.15u+1.79u
NBA12/06/2023CloseSpreadMemphis Grizzlies @ Detroit PistonsMemphis Grizzlies -1.5-1109.14%Win1.83u+1.66u
NBA12/06/2023CloseTotalMemphis Grizzlies @ Detroit PistonsOver 221-1102.55%Loss0.51u-0.51u
NBA12/06/2023CloseMoneylineOrlando Magic @ Cleveland CavaliersOrlando Magic+1620.44%Loss0.09u-0.09u
NBA12/06/2023CloseTotalOrlando Magic @ Cleveland CavaliersUnder 225-1105.53%Loss1.11u-1.11u
NBA12/06/2023CloseMoneylineOklahoma City Thunder @ Houston RocketsOklahoma City Thunder-1253.29%Loss0.66u-0.66u
NBA12/06/2023CloseSpreadOklahoma City Thunder @ Houston RocketsOklahoma City Thunder -2-1081.98%Loss0.4u-0.4u
NBA12/06/2023CloseTotalOklahoma City Thunder @ Houston RocketsOver 225.5-1059.56%Loss1.91u-1.91u
NBA12/06/2023CloseMoneylineUtah Jazz @ Dallas MavericksUtah Jazz+46020.9%Loss4u-4u
NBA12/06/2023CloseSpreadUtah Jazz @ Dallas MavericksUtah Jazz +11.5-10616.07%Loss3.21u-3.21u
NBA12/06/2023CloseTotalUtah Jazz @ Dallas MavericksUnder 235-10511.37%Loss2.27u-2.27u
NBA12/06/2023CloseMoneylineCharlotte Hornets @ Chicago BullsChicago Bulls-1981.3%Win0.26u+0.13u
NBA12/06/2023CloseSpreadCharlotte Hornets @ Chicago BullsChicago Bulls -5.5-1101.62%Win0.32u+0.29u

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