NBA Picks 4/18/21 | Chris’ Picks

NBA Picks 4/18/21

Pacers vs Hawks

We start out Sunday’s NBA card with the Pacers taking on the Hawks. The Pacers like to score a lot of point in the paint scoring 53.4 per game. The Hawks do a great job defending points in the paint only allowing 48.5. My pick for this game is the Hawks -4.5.

Nets vs Heat

The second game on Sunday’s card is the Nets taking on the Heat. The Nets are one of the best three-point shooting teams in the league hit 39% from beyond the arch. The Heat have struggled a little more here only hitting 34.7% from beyond the arch. My pick for this game is the Nets -5.5.

Trail Blazers vs Hornets

The final play on the card is the Trail Blazers taking on the Hornets. The Hornets do a great job scoring point with an effective field goal percentage of 53.8%. the Trail Blazers on the other hand only have an effective field goal percentage of 53.5. My pick for this game is the Hornets +5.5.

  • Hawks -4.5
  • Nets -5.5
  • Hornets +5.5


NBA Picks 4/18

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