Matchups for 06/24/2024

About MLB Schedule

MLB schedules play a crucial role in organizing the highly anticipated and action-packed baseball season. Each year, all 30 Major League Baseball teams compete in a comprehensive and carefully designed schedule, which typically spans from late March to late September. The schedules are meticulously crafted to ensure an equitable distribution of games among teams, considering factors like divisional rivalries, interleague play, and home-field advantage. The MLB season comprises 162 games for each team, with a mix of matchups against teams within their division and against teams from the other league. Schedules also incorporate road trips and homestands, allowing teams to travel across the country and play in various cities. The MLB schedule is a well-orchestrated ballet of games, captivating fans with thrilling matchups and making each day during the baseball season an exciting event for enthusiasts of America's pastime.