Horse Racing Picks 9/27/20 | Computer Model Picks

Horse Racing Picks 9/27/20

After a good day at the tracks yesterday, we are back with another promising card. The tracks that are going on today are Belmont Park, Churchill Downs, Golden Gate, Gulfstream Park, Hastings Park, and other tracks. Today’s card features 36 picks. Let me know if you are following any of today’s races.

TrackStart Time (EST)
Gulfstream Park12:00 PM
Churchill Downs12:45 PM
Monmouth Park12:50 PM
Belmont Park1:00 PM
Will Rogers Downs1:00 PM
Woodbine1:10 PM
Santa Anita3:30 PM
Remington Park4:00 PM
Golden Gate4:15 PM
Prairie Meadows5:00 PM


Horse Racing Picks 9/27 title=09-27-2020-Horse-Race-Card-1
Horse Racing Picks 9/27 title=09-27-2020-Horse-Race-Card-2


Track/RacePickPost Time (EST)
Gulfstream Park 27 Paynter Fest (WP)12:34 PM
Woodbine 18 Screen Diva (Win)1:10 PM
Woodbine 28 Too Many Mountans (WP)1:43 PM
Will Rogers Downs 31 Goldies First Sign (WPS)1:50 PM
Belmont Park 34 Stay Fond (WPS)2:04 PM
Gulfstream Park 54 Fiber Optic (WPS)2:20 PM
Woodbine 41 Am Prepared (WPS)2:49 PM
Gulfstream Park 62 Three Deep (WP)2:50 PM
Belmont Park 511 Jen’s Battle (Win)3:04 PM
Churchill Downs 64 Lady Traveler (WPS)3:16 PM
Woodbine 58 Amanofmystature (WPS)3:23 PM
Will Rogers Downs 79 Red White Eagle (WPS)3:30 PM
Monmouth Park 89 Alleria (Win)3:48 PM
Gulfstream Park 83 Panarea (Win)3:55 PM
Will Rogers Downs 84 Rockincheirmoney (WPS)3:55 PM
Remington Park 14 Coco Caballo (WP)4:00 PM
Golden Gate 18 St. Geezy (WPS)4:15 PM
Remington Park 25 Tonaltalitarian (WPS)4:28 PM
Will Rogers Downs 1010 One Famous Birdie (WPS)4:45 PM
Woodbine 81 Silent Poet (Win)5:02 PM
Monmouth Park 114 Cause I Said So (WPS)5:07 PM
Santa Anita 41 Fighting Mad (WP)5:07 PM
Monmouth Park 122 Gypsum Johnny (Win)5:33 PM
Prairie Meadows 34 Katch This Eagle (WPS)5:52 PM
Monmouth Park 131 Holy Guacamole (WPS)5:59 PM
Woodbine 102 Faraway Kitten (WP)6:06 PM
Remington Park 64 Party Of Fifteen (Win)6:20 PM
Golden Gate 56 Premium Forest (WPS)6:25 PM
Santa Anita 71 Vegas Palm (Win)6:41 PM
Remington Park 76 Vulcan (WP)6:48 PM
Golden Gate 62 Cimarron (WPS)6:56 PM
Prairie Meadows 71 Pyser’s Orb (WPS)7:41 PM
Remington Park 112 Corluna (WPS)8:40 PM
Prairie Meadows 106 Game To Play (WPS)9:02 PM

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