Horse Racing Picks 9/19/20 | Computer Model Picks

Horse Racing Picks 9/19/20

We have another great day of horse racing going on today. Today’s card features plays from Belmont Park, Charles Town, Churchill Downs, Delaware Park, Golden Gate, and other tracks. We have 36 picks on today’s card. Let me know on Twitter what you think of today’s card.

TrackStart Time (EST)
Gulfstream Park12:00 PM
Laurel Park12:40 PM
Churchill Downs12:45 PM
Monmouth Park12:50 PM
Belmont Park1:00 PM
Will Rogers Downs1:00 PM
Woodbine1:10 PM
Delaware Park1:15 PM
Arlington3:05 PM
Louisiana Downs4:05 PM
Golden Gate4:15 PM
Charles Town7:00 PM
Prairie Meadows7:00 PM
Remington Park8:07 PM


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Track/RacePickPost Time (EST)
Churchill Downs 13 Bode’s Light (Win)12:45 PM
Monmouth Park 19 Diamond Play (WPS)12:50 PM
Belmont Park 11 Zonic (WP)1:00 PM
Woodbine 16 Malibu Edge (WP)1:10 PM
Delaware Park 13 Win Ya Win (WPS)1:15 PM
Belmont Park 24 Snicket (Win)1:33 PM
Woodbine 24 Western Trouble (WPS)1:43 PM
Will Rogers Downs 47 Wired Two Twenty (WPS)2:15 PM
Gulfstream Park 59 Flawless Moon (WPS)2:20 PM
Laurel Park 52 Mary’s Jewel (WPS)2:40 PM
Gulfstream Park 78 Wicked Citi (WPS)3:22 PM
Monmouth Park 73 Crystal Orb (WPS)3:22 PM
Churchill Downs 73 Lonely Private (WP)3:48 PM
Monmouth Park 84 Sherry Oriental (WPS)3:48 PM
Will Rogers Downs 84 Sf Longmier (WP)3:55 PM
Belmont Park 74 Momentita (WPS)4:08 PM
Will Rogers Downs 910 Travelin Native (WPS)4:20 PM
Churchill Downs 83 Good Penny (Win)4:21 PM
Delaware Park 82 Luna De Fuego (WPS)4:45 PM
Woodbine 84 Trading Bay (WP)5:00 PM
Monmouth Park 126 Dark Roast (WPS)5:33 PM
Woodbine 97 Value Proposition (Gb) (Win)5:39 PM
Monmouth Park 133 Wild Scat Blue (WP)5:59 PM
Louisiana Downs 64 Boston Cadillac (WPS)6:22 PM
Monmouth Park 141 Princess Pao (WP)6:25 PM
Golden Gate 55 Darkhawk (WPS)6:30 PM
Woodbine 118 Keep Grinding (WPS)6:45 PM
Golden Gate 65 Quaze Viper (Win)6:59 PM
Remington Park 13 Rathmeister (WPS)8:07 PM
Prairie Meadows 67 Brave Dish (WPS)9:14 PM
Remington Park 72 Archrival (Win)10:55 PM
Charles Town 97 Unnamed Soldier (WP)11:02 PM
Remington Park 93 Wapi (WPS)11:51 PM

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