Horse Racing Picks 7/17/21 | Computer Model Picks

Horse Racing Picks 7/17/21

After a full day of horse racing yesterday, we are back for another slate. There are a lot of races today coming from Arlington, Charles Town, Del Mar, Delaware Park, Emerald Downs, and other tracks. We have 33 races on today’s card. Are you following today’s card?

TrackStart Time (EST)
Monmouth Park12:00 PM
Gulfstream Park12:20 PM
Pimlico12:40 PM
Saratoga1:05 PM
Woodbine1:10 PM
Delaware Park1:15 PM
Arlington3:25 PM
Louisiana Downs3:45 PM
Del Mar5:00 PM
Evangeline Downs6:50 PM
Charles Town7:00 PM
Prairie Meadows7:00 PM
Emerald Downs9:40 PM


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Track/RacePickPost Time (EST)
Gulfstream Park 16 Royal Rocker (WP)12:20 PM
Monmouth Park 36 Fox Rox (Win)12:54 PM
Saratoga 16 I’M Blaming You (Win)1:05 PM
Woodbine 15 Twirling Faith (WP)1:10 PM
Delaware Park 13 Coal Truth (WPS)1:15 PM
Monmouth Park 49 Not A Postino (WP)1:22 PM
Gulfstream Park 32 Gran Runner (WP)1:30 PM
Woodbine 23 Post To Post (WPS)1:38 PM
Gulfstream Park 45 Loyal Louie (WPS)2:02 PM
Pimlico 42 Tapdancing Girl (WP)2:19 PM
Delaware Park 44 Americano (WPS)2:45 PM
Monmouth Park 72 Musetta (WP)2:56 PM
Arlington 26 Aunt Stella (WPS)3:53 PM
Louisiana Downs 34 Texas Crossbow (WPS)4:37 PM
Delaware Park 84 More Than Miles (WPS)4:45 PM
Monmouth Park 112 Epic Bromance (WPS)5:12 PM
Gulfstream Park 106 Special Counsel (WP)5:19 PM
Arlington 56 Packed House (Win)5:25 PM
Del Mar 29 Half Right (WP)5:30 PM
Monmouth Park 123 Mandaloun (WPS)5:47 PM
Del Mar 38 What In Blazes (WPS)6:00 PM
Saratoga 105 Harvey’s Lil Goil (WPS)6:16 PM
Woodbine 116 Boxer Brief (WP)6:30 PM
Saratoga 118 Askin For A Baskin (Win)6:51 PM
Evangeline Downs 38 Runner (Win)7:44 PM
Charles Town 33 My Pretty Eyes (Win)8:02 PM
Del Mar 712 Tizona (WPS)8:02 PM
Charles Town 44 Unequivocal (WPS)8:32 PM
Charles Town 62 Finder Angel R V F (WP)9:32 PM
Emerald Downs 16 Gabby Tom (WP)9:40 PM
Evangeline Downs 84 Pipes And Drums (WPS)9:59 PM
Del Mar 118 Spirit Maker (WPS)10:00 PM
Emerald Downs 62 Wishful Won (WP)11:57 PM

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