Horse Racing Picks 7/10/21 | Computer Model Picks

Horse Racing Picks 7/10/21

Today we have another full day of horse racing plays. Today’s card features plays from Arlington, Belmont Park, Charles Town, Delaware Park, Delta Downs, and other tracks. We have 34 races on today’s card. What do you think of today’s card?

TrackStart Time (EST)
Monmouth Park12:15 PM
Gulfstream Park12:20 PM
Pimlico12:40 PM
Emerald Downs0:20 PM
Belmont Park1:00 PM
Delaware Park1:15 PM
Woodbine1:20 PM
Arlington3:25 PM
Louisiana Downs3:45 PM
Delta Downs4:00 PM
Evangeline Downs6:50 PM
Charles Town7:00 PM
Prairie Meadows7:00 PM


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Track/RacePickPost Time (EST)
Monmouth Park 21 No Bull Jack (WPS)12:45 PM
Emerald Downs 76 Lolo Paniolo (WP)0:20 PM
Pimlico 22 Awesome Jazz (Win)1:13 PM
Delaware Park 12 Imperial Moon (WP)1:15 PM
Monmouth Park 42 Sip’N Dip (WP)1:45 PM
Woodbine 24 Later Gator (WP)1:49 PM
Monmouth Park 61 Luz (WPS)2:45 PM
Woodbine 48 Miss Speedy (WPS)2:47 PM
Gulfstream Park 67 Restofthestory (WPS)2:49 PM
Belmont Park 55 My Best Friend (WPS)3:04 PM
Pimlico 74 Le Weekend (WPS)3:58 PM
Delta Downs 17 Stratosphear (WPS)4:00 PM
Woodbine 74 Il Malocchio (WPS)4:21 PM
Pimlico 82 Tea In China (WP)4:31 PM
Louisiana Downs 33 Marciamarciamarcia (WP)4:37 PM
Monmouth Park 107 Super Shoes (WP)4:45 PM
Delta Downs 35 Sweater Tlc (WPS)4:50 PM
Arlington 44 Zarmae (WPS)4:51 PM
Arlington 56 Coming Up Aces (Win)5:21 PM
Louisiana Downs 54 Saber Run (WP)5:29 PM
Delta Downs 59 Blessher Sweet Heart (WP)5:40 PM
Delaware Park 108 Lindros (WPS)5:45 PM
Arlington 65 Daddy’s Boo (WP)5:50 PM
Woodbine 106 Emmeline (Win)5:53 PM
Louisiana Downs 63 Distractor Factor (Win)5:55 PM
Arlington 72 Maga Country (Win)6:19 PM
Woodbine 111 Call Her Joey (WP)6:25 PM
Evangeline Downs 37 True Deal (Win)7:44 PM
Charles Town 310 Ravioli Mama (WPS)8:02 PM
Evangeline Downs 47 Super Legs (WPS)8:11 PM
Evangeline Downs 75 Mucho Marvin (WP)9:32 PM
Evangeline Downs 81 Sandys Blaze (WP)9:59 PM
Charles Town 74 Take Me Home (WP)10:02 PM
Emerald Downs 25 Point Hope (Ire) (Win)10:04 PM

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