Horse Racing Picks 6/5/20 | Computer Model Picks

Horse Racing Picks 6/5/20

We have another great day of horse racing today. There are some great races running today from Belmont Park, Charles Town, Churchill Downs, Evangeline Downs, Golden Gate, and other tracks. Our card for today has 23 plays. Are you following today’s races?

TrackStart Time (EST)
Gulfstream Park12:00 PM
Laurel Park12:40 PM
Churchill Downs1:00 PM
Belmont Park1:15 PM
Santa Anita3:30 PM
Golden Gate3:45 PM
Evangeline Downs6:50 PM
Charles Town7:00 PM


Horse Racing Picks 6/5 title=06-05-2020-Horse-Race-Card-1
Horse Racing Picks 6/5 title=06-05-2020-Horse-Race-Card-2


Track/RacePickPost Time (EST)
Gulfstream Park 316 Chiclet’S Dream (WP)1:02 PM
Churchill Downs 2Pick: 1 7 2 (TR)1:34 PM
Belmont Park 27 Tiltingatwindmills (WPS)1:50 PM
Belmont Park 36 Earned Success (WPS)2:23 PM
Gulfstream Park 64 Grainger County (Win)2:37 PM
Gulfstream Park 7Pick: 3 8 (EX)3:09 PM
Belmont Park 67 Instagrand (Win)3:59 PM
Santa Anita 23 Goodtingscominpink (WP)4:04 PM
Churchill Downs 72 Alta’S Award (WP)4:14 PM
Laurel Park 815 Mind The Gap (WPS)4:25 PM
Belmont Park 710 Time Limit (WP)4:32 PM
Belmont Park 88 Voting Agreement (Win)5:04 PM
Santa Anita 411 Dorita’S Lemon (WPS)5:09 PM
Belmont Park 98 Chalon (Win)5:36 PM
Golden Gate 71 Sharp Warning (WPS)6:59 PM
Santa Anita 8Pick: 5 4 (EX)7:15 PM
Evangeline Downs 2Pick: 5 8 2 10 (SU)7:17 PM
Charles Town 2Pick: 2 4 (EX)7:36 PM
Evangeline Downs 3Pick: 3 8 (EX)7:44 PM
Evangeline Downs 4Pick: 9 8 3 (TR)8:11 PM
Evangeline Downs 714 Magic Vow (Win)9:32 PM
Charles Town 87 Manarola (WPS)10:25 PM
Charles Town 9Pick: 8 9 7 (TR)10:53 PM

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