Horse Racing Picks 4/9/20

Horse Racing Picks 4/9/20

We have a giant card today to get us going into the weekend. Yesterday we were able to pick up a few wins and lost several by inches. Today’s card looks like it will be just as exciting. Let me know what you think of today’s picks on Twitter.

Track Start Time (EST)
Gulfstream Park
Oaklawn Park
Remington Park


Horse Racing Picks 4/9



Track/RacePickPost Time (EST)
Gulfstream Park 110 8 14 3 (SU)1:00p
Gulfstream Park 27 5 (QN)1:30p
Oaklawn Park 15 (WP)2:05p
Oaklawn Park 37 13 (QN)3:05p
Gulfstream Park 69 (WPS)3:34p
Oaklawn Park 54 12 7 9 (SU)4:06p
Gulfstream Park 89 2 (QN)4:36p
Oaklawn Park 710 7 (QN)5:06p
Gulfstream Park 92 (Win)5:07p
Gulfstream Park 1015 (WP)5:38p
Oaklawn Park 84 (WPS)5:38p
Remington Park 11 9 7 6 (SU)7:00p
Remington Park 25 3 6 1 (SU)7:26p
Remington Park 44 8 6 5 (SU)8:18p
Remington Park 62 8 (QN)9:10p
Remington Park 79 8 6 7 (SU)9:36p
Remington Park 92 (Win)10:28p
Remington Park 107 8 9 3 (SU)10:54p


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