Horse Racing Picks 4/6/20

Horse Racing Picks 4/6/20

After a fun weekend of horse racing, we are back to the smaller tracks. Today we have some great races coming from Will Rogers Downs and Fonner Park. Let me know what you think of today’s picks on twitter.

Track Start Time (EST)
Will Rogers Downs
Fonner Park

Today's Card

Horse Racing Picks 4/6

Today's Schedule

Track/RaceHorseOddsPost Time (EST)
Will Rogers Downs 11: Shallow River (WPS)6/12:15p
Will Rogers Downs 37: Maverick Brown (WP)5/23:15p
Will Rogers Downs 65: veronica'S Dream (WPS)7/24:45p
Will Rogers Downs 73: Aura (WP)3/15:15p
Will Rogers Downs 81: Castanuela(MEX) (WPS)5/15:45p
Will Rogers Downs 99: Lady Orchid (WPS)8/16:15p
Fonner Park 73: Hidden Gun (WPS)4/17:42p
Fonner Park 95: Chior Director (WPS)6/18:36p


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