Horse Racing Picks 4/5/20

Horse Racing Picks 4/5/20

Yesterday’s picks started off a little rough, but we turned it around down the stretch cashing some big tickets in 3 of our last 4 races. Today we have another great card of horse racing. Let me know on Twitter what you think of today’s picks.

Track Start Time (EST)
Tampa Bay Downs
Gulfstream Park
Oaklawn Park
Remington Park

Today's Card

Horse Racing Picks 4/5

Today's Schedule

Track/RaceHorseOddsPost Time (EST)
Tampa Bay Downs 27: King Daddio (WPS)8/112:52p
Gulfstream Park 21:Madame Barrister (WPS)3/11:31p
Tampa Bay Downs 49: Kalu (WPS)3/11:48P
Gulfstream Park 33: Nothins Free (Win)2/12:02p
Oaklawn Park 14: Bella Alicita (WPS)4/12:05p
Remington Park 13: Give It To Shaq (Win)2/12:30p
Tampa Bay Downs 78: Cocktail Skirt (WPS)9/23:20p
Remington Park 36: Hr Desirable (WPS)5/13:22p
Tampa Bay Downs 810: Blackline (WPS)5/13:51p
Gulfstream Park 71: Fast Venezuela (WPS)9/24:09p
Oaklawn Park 64: Kasilof (WPS)5/24:36p
Oaklawn Park 85: Awe Emma (WPS)7/25:38p
Gulfstream Park 102: Up In Smoke (WPS)7/25:45p
Gulfstream Park 118: Aguas Coloradas (WPS)8/16:16p


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