Horse Racing Picks 4/4/20

Horse Racing Picks 4/4/20

While the future of horse racing is up in the air, currently there are still a few tracks going. Today we have a full card coming from Gulfstream Park with 7 picks on our card. This week has been a bit of a struggle for us after our crazy start last week. However, we have been able to get back on the right side these last two days. Make sure to follow me on twitter for all of my horse racing updates.

Track Start Time (EST)
Tampa Bay Downs
Gulfstream Park
Oaklawn Park
Remington Park

Today's Card

Horse Racing Picks 4/4

Today's Schedule

Track/RaceHorseOddsPost Time (EST)
Tampa Bay Downs 16: Our Petunia (Win)7/212:30p
Gulfstream Park 15: Big Treasure (Win)8/112:45p
Tampa Bay Downs 310: Kholstomer (Win)8/11:30p
Oaklawn Park 12: Hinton (WPS)7/22:05p
Gulfstream Park 51: Little Bella (Win)2/12:45p
Tampa Bay Downs 610: White Drill (Win)2/13:00p
Oaklawn Park 32: Zeroed In (WPS)9/23:05p
Gulfstream Park 72: Crow Moon (WPS)7/23:47p
Tampa Bay Downs 87: Astute Warrior (WPS)7/24:00p
Oaklawn Park 511: Tak (WPS)15/14:06p
Gulfstream Park 91: Mobeatyabad (WPS)7/24:49p
Gulfstream Park 106: Thunder Ride (WPS)20/15:20p
Gulfstream Park 113: I'll Fight Dempsey (Win)9/55:52p
Oaklawn Park 94: Edgeway (Win)3/16:09p
Gulfstream Park 128: Avenida Manana (Win)9/56:24p
Remington Park 23: One Incredible Hock (WPS)6/17:27p
Remington Park 410: Sweet Candy Jewel (WPS)6/18:21p
Remington Park 91: Vendication (WPS)8/110:35p


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