Horse Racing Picks 4/24/22 | Computer Model Picks

Horse Racing Picks 4/24/22

After a good day at the tracks yesterday, we are back for another slate. Today we have some great races coming from Aqueduct, Golden Gate, Gulfstream Park, Hawthorne, Keeneland, and other tracks. For today’s card we have 26 picks. Let me know if you are following any of today’s plays.

TrackStart Time (EST)
Tampa Bay Downs12:20 PM
Laurel Park12:40 PM
Keeneland1:00 PM
Gulfstream Park1:05 PM
Woodbine1:10 PM
Aqueduct1:20 PM
Oaklawn Park2:00 PM
Hawthorne3:50 PM
Golden Gate4:15 PM
Remington Park5:00 PM


Horse Racing Picks 4/24 title=04-24-2022-Horse-Race-Card-1
Horse Racing Picks 4/24 title=04-24-2022-Horse-Race-Card-2


Track/RacePickPost Time (EST)
Laurel Park 13 Surya (Win)12:40 PM
Keeneland 16 Hometown Hero (Win)1:00 PM
Laurel Park 26 El Bochinche (WPS)1:14 PM
Aqueduct 16 Sensibleconclusion (Win)1:20 PM
Aqueduct 34 Celebrity News (WPS)2:23 PM
Woodbine 45 Gilded Quest (Win)2:42 PM
Gulfstream Park 45 Batter Up Bud (WPS)2:43 PM
Woodbine 55 Souper River (Win)3:15 PM
Laurel Park 68 Mo Fire (WPS)3:30 PM
Keeneland 67 Fabricate (WPS)3:40 PM
Woodbine 66 Silver Smoke (Win)3:46 PM
Aqueduct 61 Musical America (WP)3:54 PM
Keeneland 75 Bullseye Beauty (Win)4:12 PM
Gulfstream Park 74 Sea Lioness (WPS)4:20 PM
Hawthorne 34 Amari S. (WP)4:40 PM
Woodbine 83 Highland Society (WP)4:51 PM
Remington Park 18 Tooty Fruity Pebbles (WPS)5:00 PM
Hawthorne 42 On A Tour (WPS)5:05 PM
Gulfstream Park 93 Capture The Time (WP)5:25 PM
Hawthorne 53 The Last Option (WP)5:30 PM
Remington Park 25 Pattys Shaken It Up (Win)5:45 PM
Golden Gate 48 Diamond Willow (WPS)5:55 PM
Hawthorne 76 Long Tall Woman (WPS)6:20 PM
Remington Park 33 Coutee (WPS)6:30 PM
Remington Park 56 Sunnys Candyman (WP)7:43 PM
Golden Gate 91 Hunter John (WPS)8:29 PM

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