Horse Racing Picks 4/22/22 | Computer Model Picks

Horse Racing Picks 4/22/22

After a good day at the tracks yesterday, we are back with another promising card. There are a lot of races today coming from Aqueduct, Charles Town, Evangeline Downs, Golden Gate, Gulfstream Park, and other tracks. Our card for today has 34 races. Are you following today’s plays?

TrackStart Time (EST)
Tampa Bay Downs12:20 PM
Laurel Park12:40 PM
Keeneland1:00 PM
Gulfstream Park1:05 PM
Aqueduct1:20 PM
Oaklawn Park2:00 PM
Golden Gate4:15 PM
Penn National6:00 PM
Evangeline Downs6:30 PM
Charles Town7:00 PM
Remington Park7:00 PM


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Horse Racing Picks 4/22 title=04-22-2022-Horse-Race-Card-2


Track/RacePickPost Time (EST)
Tampa Bay Downs 15 Mighty Ghost (WPS)12:20 PM
Gulfstream Park 15 Miss Sakamoto (WPS)1:05 PM
Laurel Park 24 Boss Logic (WPS)1:15 PM
Aqueduct 11 Stormi Cat Lady (WPS)1:20 PM
Keeneland 23 Edye’s Candy (Win)1:32 PM
Gulfstream Park 36 Gilligan (WP)2:09 PM
Laurel Park 43 Trustyourinstinct (WP)2:19 PM
Tampa Bay Downs 56 Mo Normal (Win)2:28 PM
Laurel Park 54 Remembering Wilbur (Win)2:49 PM
Oaklawn Park 31 Catania (WP)3:02 PM
Keeneland 510 Sand And Sea (WPS)3:08 PM
Oaklawn Park 44 Best Bet (WPS)3:33 PM
Keeneland 64 Olivia Darling (Win)3:40 PM
Gulfstream Park 62 Beth’s Dream (WP)3:43 PM
Laurel Park 76 El Bochinche (WPS)3:51 PM
Keeneland 73 Silver Spur (Win)4:12 PM
Oaklawn Park 711 Elusive Freud (WPS)5:04 PM
Gulfstream Park 91 Hammer Lane (Win)5:23 PM
Oaklawn Park 87 Bellamys Roan (WPS)5:39 PM
Golden Gate 41 Tropicana Girl (WPS)5:56 PM
Golden Gate 66 Creative Romance (WPS)6:56 PM
Charles Town 16 Zero To Onehundred (WPS)7:00 PM
Evangeline Downs 33 Shoetrick (WP)7:24 PM
Golden Gate 75 Vantage Point (Win)7:26 PM
Remington Park 26 Jb Country Turnpike (WPS)7:27 PM
Evangeline Downs 44 Like Mike (WPS)7:51 PM
Remington Park 39 Fs Powerflashdynasty (WP)7:54 PM
Charles Town 32 Carnival Lucky (WPS)8:02 PM
Evangeline Downs 65 Majestic Mandate (WPS)8:46 PM
Charles Town 54 Devilish Truth (WPS)9:02 PM
Evangeline Downs 75 More Harder (Win)9:13 PM
Charles Town 62 To The Front (WPS)9:32 PM
Evangeline Downs 94 Soulology (Win)10:07 PM
Charles Town 89 Reawakened (WPS)10:32 PM

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