Horse Racing Picks 4/13/21

Horse Racing Picks 4/13/21

After a great day of horse racing yesterday, we are back with another packed day of horse racing. Today we have a full card coming from Delta Downs, Indiana Grand, Parx Racing, Turf Paradise, and Will Rogers Downs. Our card for today has 22 picks. Let me know on Twitter what you think of today’s picks.

TrackStart Time (EST)
Parx Racing12:55 PM
Delta Downs1:55 PM
Will Rogers Downs2:00 PM
Indiana Grand2:25 PM
Turf Paradise4:25 PM


Horse Racing Picks 4/13 title=04-13-2021-Horse-Race-Card-1


Track/RacePickPost Time (EST)
Delta Downs 14 Binalloverdrinken (WPS)1:55 PM
Will Rogers Downs 12 Crossing Dixie (WP)2:00 PM
Delta Downs 22 Chicken Or The Egg (WPS)2:22 PM
Will Rogers Downs 23 Sweet Baker (Win)2:28 PM
Parx Racing 51 Explain (WP)2:43 PM
Delta Downs 33 Grayfully (WPS)2:49 PM
Indiana Grand 24 Gran Rojo (Win)2:56 PM
Parx Racing 68 J Wass (WPS)3:10 PM
Delta Downs 412 Pepper Jack (Win)3:16 PM
Will Rogers Downs 44 Nacogdoches (WPS)3:24 PM
Indiana Grand 33 Elzabe’s On Board (WPS)3:27 PM
Indiana Grand 48 Passing On By (WP)3:58 PM
Will Rogers Downs 62 Gray Sky Mesa (WP)4:20 PM
Turf Paradise 11 Fables Love Affair (WPS)4:25 PM
Indiana Grand 55 Skinnersburg (WPS)4:29 PM
Will Rogers Downs 72 Internet Express (WPS)4:48 PM
Turf Paradise 25 My Expression (WP)4:52 PM
Delta Downs 812 Charming Flirt (WPS)5:07 PM
Turf Paradise 34 Top Of The Rock (WPS)5:20 PM
Turf Paradise 51 Blue Azul (WPS)6:16 PM
Turf Paradise 67 Quick To Fuss (Win)6:44 PM
Turf Paradise 84 Lady Effort (Win)7:40 PM

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