Horse Racing Picks 4/11/20

Horse Racing Picks 4/11/20

Today we have an absolutely stacked horse racing card. There are races going on at 4 major US tracks. Today’s card features 29 picks. Let me know if you are following an of today’s picks.

Track Start Time (EST)
Tampa Bay Downs
Gulfstream Park
Oaklawn Park
Remington Park


Horse Racing Picks 4/11/20 2
Horse Racing Picks 4/11/20 3



Track/RacePickPost Time (EST)
Gulfstream Park 2Pick: 1 3 (EX)12:58p
Tampa Bay Downs 33 Pins And Needles (WP)1:15p
Gulfstream Park 45 Azkaree (Win)1:54p
Oaklawn Park 28 Miss Imperial (Win)2:08p
Gulfstream Park 515 Primacy (Win)2:23p
Oaklawn Park 38 Skol Factor (Win)2:39p
Tampa Bay Downs 6Pick: 10 7 (QN)2:45p
Gulfstream Park 613 Ima Pharoah (WP)2:52p
Oaklawn Park 44 Scabbard (Win)3:10p
Gulfstream Park 7Pick: 5 2 8 (TR)3:22p
Tampa Bay Downs 8Pick: 12 11 (QN)3:45p
Gulfstream Park 89 Mr Jaggers (Win)3:52p
Oaklawn Park 62 Captain Bombastic (Win)4:12p
Tampa Bay Downs 911 Felix The Fox (WP)4:15p
Gulfstream Park 95 Bahamian Prince (WPS)4:23p
Oaklawn Park 7Pick: 6 11 (EX)4:42p
Gulfstream Park 107 Lastchanceforlove (WPS)4:54p
Gulfstream Park 11Pick: 6 4 (QN)5:24p
Oaklawn Park 914 Improbable (Win)5:43p
Gulfstream Park 126 Starship Bonita (Win)5:54p
Gulfstream Park 134 Flyoff (WP)6:25p
Oaklawn Park 111 Basin (Win)6:48p
Remington Park 1Pick: 6 8 7 3 (SU)7:00p
Remington Park 21 Ms Esther (WPS)7:27p
Remington Park 4Pick: 10 9 1 2 (SU)8:21p
Remington Park 5Pick: 1 3 2 7 (SU)8:48p
Remington Park 83 Relentless Cowboy (Win)10:09p
Remington Park 9Pick: 3 6 4 10 (SU)10:35p
Remington Park 10Pick: 9 5 2 8 (SU)11:01p


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