Horse Racing Picks 3/26/21

Horse Racing Picks 3/26/21

Yesterday we had a great day of horse racing. Today looks to be another action-packed day. Today we have races coming from Aqueduct, Charles Town, Fair Grounds, Golden Gate, Gulfstream Park, and other tracks. For today’s card we have 38 picks coming from the tracks. Let me know what you think of today’s plays.

TrackStart Time (EST)
Tampa Bay Downs12:15 PM
Laurel Park12:40 PM
Gulfstream Park1:10 PM
Aqueduct1:20 PM
Fair Grounds2:00 PM
Oaklawn Park2:00 PM
Santa Anita4:00 PM
Golden Gate4:20 PM
Turf Paradise4:25 PM
Penn National6:00 PM
Turfway Park6:15 PM
Charles Town7:00 PM
Remington Park7:00 PM


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Track/RacePickPost Time (EST)
Tampa Bay Downs 18 Monday’s With Mike (WPS)12:15 PM
Gulfstream Park 16 Beach Warrior (WPS)1:10 PM
Gulfstream Park 26 Surprise Factor (WP)1:39 PM
Tampa Bay Downs 45 Sterling Ice (Win)1:45 PM
Gulfstream Park 32 Peachy Queen (WPS)2:08 PM
Gulfstream Park 47 Alado (WPS)2:37 PM
Fair Grounds 310 Langfuhr’s Angel (Win)2:58 PM
Oaklawn Park 32 Baby Cloud (Win)3:02 PM
Oaklawn Park 42 Hamazing Lace (Win)3:33 PM
Gulfstream Park 61 Free To Fly (WP)3:41 PM
Aqueduct 66 Releasethethunder (WPS)3:52 PM
Fair Grounds 53 Ima Sunny Song (WP)3:56 PM
Oaklawn Park 51 Lovely Lou (WP)4:06 PM
Tampa Bay Downs 91 Silent Jet (WPS)4:17 PM
Golden Gate 11 Tiz The Standard (WP)4:20 PM
Santa Anita 21 Elgofranco (Win)4:35 PM
Fair Grounds 81 Marywood (WP)5:23 PM
Oaklawn Park 82 French Empire (WPS)5:40 PM
Golden Gate 46 Silent Movies (Win)6:00 PM
Turf Paradise 45 Racing Ray (WPS)6:02 PM
Santa Anita 56 On Easy Street (WP)6:15 PM
Turfway Park 15 Celestial Spin (WPS)6:15 PM
Golden Gate 55 Lila At The Beach (Win)6:30 PM
Turf Paradise 54 Dance Lady (Win)6:33 PM
Santa Anita 66 There Goes Harvard (Win)6:45 PM
Charles Town 16 Cocky Winchill (WP)7:00 PM
Remington Park 17 Anna Tambien (WPS)7:00 PM
Santa Anita 74 Translate (WP)7:15 PM
Penn National 54 Pylon (Win)7:44 PM
Santa Anita 84 Here Comes Ralphie (WPS)7:45 PM
Penn National 64 Weallwegot (WPS)8:10 PM
Turf Paradise 97 Willtobelucky (Win)8:30 PM
Turfway Park 67 Can’Tbetemall (WPS)8:46 PM
Turfway Park 76 Dabo (WPS)9:16 PM
Penn National 94 Hitch Hiker (WP)9:28 PM
Penn National 106 Dirty Girl (WPS)9:54 PM
Penn National 113 Bearakontie (WPS)10:20 PM
Charles Town 86 Shesauptowngirl (WP)10:32 PM

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