Horse Racing Picks 3/12/21

Horse Racing Picks 3/12/21

After a full day of horse racing yesterday, we are back with another promising card. Today we have races coming from Charles Town, Fair Grounds, Golden Gate, Gulfstream Park, Oaklawn Park, and other tracks. Today we have 35 picks on the card. Let me know your thoughts on today’s races.

TrackStart Time (EST)
Tampa Bay Downs12:15 PM
Gulfstream Park1:10 PM
Aqueduct1:20 PM
Fair Grounds2:00 PM
Oaklawn Park2:00 PM
Santa Anita3:30 PM
Golden Gate3:45 PM
Turf Paradise3:55 PM
Penn National6:00 PM
Turfway Park6:15 PM
Charles Town7:00 PM
Remington Park7:00 PM


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Track/RacePickPost Time (EST)
Gulfstream Park 17 Simply The Best (WP)1:10 PM
Fair Grounds 14 Blueridge Mountain (WP)2:00 PM
Tampa Bay Downs 55 Himelstein (Win)2:15 PM
Oaklawn Park 25 Wagon Boss (WP)2:31 PM
Oaklawn Park 32 Thornish (WPS)3:02 PM
Gulfstream Park 59 Voodoo Zip (Win)3:11 PM
Tampa Bay Downs 76 Obiwan (WP)3:17 PM
Santa Anita 17 Clearly Gone (WPS)3:30 PM
Tampa Bay Downs 812 Tithed (WPS)3:47 PM
Fair Grounds 55 Fifty Protection (WP)3:56 PM
Santa Anita 22 Tiger’s Song (WPS)4:03 PM
Gulfstream Park 74 Mista Donzella (Win)4:12 PM
Golden Gate 26 Hypersonic (Win)4:20 PM
Turf Paradise 21 Bella’s Back (WPS)4:25 PM
Tampa Bay Downs 102 Awesome View (WPS)4:50 PM
Turf Paradise 37 Midnight Garden (Win)4:57 PM
Oaklawn Park 72 Duchess Bubbles (WP)5:09 PM
Fair Grounds 96 Treasury (WP)5:52 PM
Golden Gate 56 Klay Nation (WP)5:57 PM
Golden Gate 63 Darcee’s Lovi Dovi (Win)6:29 PM
Oaklawn Park 107 Wills Defence (WPS)6:40 PM
Penn National 31 Naturally Quick (WP)6:52 PM
Charles Town 13 Ihearuknockin (WPS)7:00 PM
Golden Gate 75 Big Duke (WPS)7:01 PM
Santa Anita 85 Adare (WPS)7:16 PM
Turfway Park 39 Conquistador (WPS)7:16 PM
Penn National 53 Ravens Delight (WPS)7:44 PM
Penn National 61 Venomous State (WPS)8:10 PM
Turfway Park 59 In Your Face (WPS)8:16 PM
Charles Town 51 Let’s Get Started (WP)9:02 PM
Turfway Park 75 Our Closure (WP)9:16 PM
Remington Park 79 Cartel King (WPS)9:42 PM
Penn National 105 Sparkles N Glitter (Win)9:54 PM
Penn National 116 Watchthebourbon (WPS)10:20 PM
Charles Town 84 Wakes Up Happy (WPS)10:32 PM

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