Horse Racing Picks 2/17/21

Horse Racing Picks 2/17/21

After a great day of horse racing yesterday, we are back with another promising card. Today we have races going on at Charles Town, Delta Downs, Gulfstream Park, Parx Racing, Penn National, and other tracks. Our card for today features 27 picks. Let me know what you think of today’s plays.

TrackStart Time (EST)
Tampa Bay Downs12:15 PM
Parx Racing12:25 PM
Gulfstream Park1:10 PM
Delta Downs1:55 PM
Turf Paradise2:55 PM
Penn National6:00 PM
Charles Town7:00 PM


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Horse Racing Picks 2/17 title=02-17-2021-Horse-Race-Card-2


Track/RacePickPost Time (EST)
Gulfstream Park 27 Sadio (Win)1:39 PM
Tampa Bay Downs 45 Billysbirthdaygirl (Win)1:51 PM
Delta Downs 17 Jennifer’s Arch (WP)1:55 PM
Gulfstream Park 38 Shaftesbury (Win)2:08 PM
Parx Racing 52 Jayjaydee (WPS)2:13 PM
Delta Downs 27 Binding (WPS)2:22 PM
Gulfstream Park 47 Barrel Proof (WP)2:37 PM
Parx Racing 71A Flat Out Flashy (WPS)3:07 PM
Gulfstream Park 51 Unlonely (WP)3:11 PM
Tampa Bay Downs 79 Agripino (Win)3:21 PM
Parx Racing 85 Tomarie (WPS)3:34 PM
Tampa Bay Downs 97 Just A Bit Sassy (WPS)4:21 PM
Gulfstream Park 88 Brookes All Mine (Win)4:44 PM
Parx Racing 111 Star Luck (WP)4:55 PM
Gulfstream Park 97 Yafa (WP)5:16 PM
Turf Paradise 69 Real Good Deal (WP)5:23 PM
Delta Downs 99 Blazin’ Asian (WPS)5:35 PM
Gulfstream Park 104 Not Tonight Bobby (WPS)5:48 PM
Penn National 12 Gabby’sgoldenvoice (Win)6:00 PM
Turf Paradise 91 Colonel Travers (WPS)6:49 PM
Penn National 36 Rapstorerocks (WPS)6:52 PM
Charles Town 13 Golden Key (WPS)7:00 PM
Penn National 44 Jennyanyspot (WPS)7:18 PM
Penn National 56 I’Ll Take The Cake (WPS)7:44 PM
Charles Town 52 Southern Saviour (WP)8:53 PM
Penn National 104 Zertz (WPS)9:54 PM
Penn National 114 Northern Thunder (WPS)10:20 PM

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