Horse Racing Picks 2/13/21 | Computer Model Picks

Horse Racing Picks 2/13/21

We had a fun day yesterday at the Horse Tracks. Today looks to be another action-packed day. Today we have some great races going on at Aqueduct, Charles Town, Fair Grounds, Golden Gate, Gulfstream Park, and other tracks. Today we have 34 plays on the card. Let me know what you think of today’s races.

TrackStart Time (EST)
Gulfstream Park12:10 PM
Tampa Bay Downs12:19 PM
Laurel Park12:25 PM
Aqueduct1:00 PM
Fair Grounds1:00 PM
Louisiana Downs2:00 PM
Oaklawn Park2:00 PM
Santa Anita3:30 PM
Golden Gate3:45 PM
Turfway Park6:15 PM
Charles Town7:00 PM


Horse Racing Picks 2/13 title=02-13-2021-Horse-Race-Card-1
Horse Racing Picks 2/13 title=02-13-2021-Horse-Race-Card-2


Track/RacePickPost Time (EST)
Tampa Bay Downs 15 Discreet Heat (WPS)12:19 PM
Laurel Park 16 Gottaway (Win)12:25 PM
Tampa Bay Downs 22 He Had A Secret (WP)12:48 PM
Laurel Park 26 Portal One (WPS)12:54 PM
Fair Grounds 13 Rookery (Win)1:00 PM
Gulfstream Park 36 Devoted Kitten (WP)1:07 PM
Fair Grounds 210 Dance Away (WP)1:31 PM
Laurel Park 43 Cordmaker (WP)1:53 PM
Louisiana Downs 11 Wow What A Chic (WPS)2:00 PM
Gulfstream Park 511 Peachy Queen (WPS)2:05 PM
Laurel Park 51 Landing Zone (WPS)2:23 PM
Gulfstream Park 65 Shared Legacy (WPS)2:34 PM
Tampa Bay Downs 710 Biz Now (WPS)3:17 PM
Aqueduct 67 Grey Quest (WPS)3:24 PM
Louisiana Downs 51 Tk Struttin Fast (Win)3:36 PM
Golden Gate 14 Charging Home (WP)3:45 PM
Louisiana Downs 66 Bye Bye Agouti (WPS)4:00 PM
Golden Gate 26 He Be Mojo Risin (WP)4:20 PM
Laurel Park 94 Hemp (Win)4:23 PM
Oaklawn Park 89 Stilleto Boy (WPS)5:40 PM
Gulfstream Park 127 Performing Arts (Win)5:48 PM
Golden Gate 52 Klondike Creek (WPS)5:58 PM
Fair Grounds 1110 Captivating Moon (WP)6:16 PM
Golden Gate 63 My Sunshine (WPS)6:31 PM
Turfway Park 22 Maligator (WPS)6:46 PM
Charles Town 15 B J’s Big Boy (WPS)7:00 PM
Turfway Park 37 Don’Tshowweakness (Win)7:16 PM
Santa Anita 98 Indian Peak (WP)7:52 PM
Charles Town 36 Final Say (WPS)8:02 PM
Golden Gate 94 R M C Hook’Em (WPS)8:07 PM
Turfway Park 56 Love Your Buttons (Win)8:16 PM
Turfway Park 74 Chili Petin (WPS)9:16 PM
Charles Town 78 Doctor Mccoy (WP)10:02 PM
Charles Town 81 U S S Costly (WP)10:32 PM

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