Horse Racing Picks 12/16/20 | Computer Model Picks

Horse Racing Picks 12/16/20

We had a fun day yesterday at the Horse Tracks, and today’s card looks to be another promising one. Another full day of horse racing gets going with races from Charles Town, Delta Downs, Evangeline Downs, Fair Grounds, Gulfstream Park, and other tracks. Today’s card features 28 picks. Make sure you get all of your picks in before the races start.

TrackStart Time (EST)
Parx Racing12:25 PM
Gulfstream Park12:35 PM
Tampa Bay Downs12:42 PM
Delta Downs1:55 PM
Fair Grounds2:00 PM
Penn National6:00 PM
Evangeline Downs6:35 PM
Charles Town7:00 PM


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Horse Racing Picks 12/16 title=12-16-2020-Horse-Race-Card-2


Track/RacePickPost Time (EST)
Gulfstream Park 114 Piper (Win)12:35 PM
Gulfstream Park 24 The Method (Win)1:04 PM
Delta Downs 11 World Party (WP)1:55 PM
Fair Grounds 11A Amazing American (Win)2:00 PM
Tampa Bay Downs 46 Magdalena (WPS)2:10 PM
Parx Racing 56 Jerusalem Gates (WPS)2:13 PM
Fair Grounds 25 She’s All Skeet (WPS)2:29 PM
Gulfstream Park 611 Gingeronmymind (WPS)3:06 PM
Parx Racing 711 Amaterasu (Win)3:07 PM
Tampa Bay Downs 65 Silent Jet (WP)3:15 PM
Tampa Bay Downs 75 Cpl. Dionicio (WPS)3:45 PM
Fair Grounds 55 Nocomet (Win)3:56 PM
Parx Racing 92 Crazy Bea (Win)4:01 PM
Tampa Bay Downs 99 R Tenderoni (WPS)4:45 PM
Gulfstream Park 107 Wecallherqueenmary (WPS)5:10 PM
Delta Downs 910 Dried Pepper (Win)5:35 PM
Penn National 25 Shatter Me (WPS)6:26 PM
Evangeline Downs 17 Sir Dashin Effort (Win)6:35 PM
Charles Town 14 Spunman (Win)7:00 PM
Penn National 54 Busch Latte (WPS)7:44 PM
Evangeline Downs 49 Pk Fast Kisses (WP)7:50 PM
Evangeline Downs 55 Leaving You Special (WP)8:15 PM
Penn National 75 Beautiful Success (WPS)8:36 PM
Charles Town 53 Heated (WP)8:53 PM
Charles Town 69 Papparoxy (WP)9:21 PM
Evangeline Downs 84 Another Change Order (WPS)9:30 PM
Charles Town 73 Coleraine (WP)9:49 PM
Penn National 116 Ragazza Carina (WP)10:20 PM

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