Horse Racing Picks 11/14/20 | Computer Model Picks

Horse Racing Picks 11/14/20

After a full day of horse racing yesterday, we are back with another packed day of horse racing. The tracks that are going on today are Aqueduct, Churchill Downs, Del Mar, Evangeline Downs, Golden Gate, and other tracks. For today’s card we have 32 races. Let me know your thoughts on today’s picks.

TrackStart Time (EST)
Aqueduct11:50 AM
Laurel Park12:25 PM
Churchill Downs1:00 PM
Will Rogers Downs1:00 PM
Woodbine1:25 PM
Del Mar3:30 PM
Golden Gate3:45 PM
Hawthorne4:10 PM
Evangeline Downs6:35 PM
Remington Park8:07 PM


Horse Racing Picks 11/14 title=11-14-2020-Horse-Race-Card-1
Horse Racing Picks 11/14 title=11-14-2020-Horse-Race-Card-2


Track/RacePickPost Time (EST)
Aqueduct 21 Magnetron (WPS)12:22 PM
Laurel Park 13 Simmard Shenanigan (Win)12:25 PM
Aqueduct 312 Jimmy P (WP)12:50 PM
Will Rogers Downs 32 Captain Blood (WPS)1:50 PM
Laurel Park 46 Thatwouldbegrand (WPS)1:52 PM
Aqueduct 69 Graded On A Curve (WPS)2:15 PM
Churchill Downs 45 Wind Twist (Win)2:30 PM
Laurel Park 71 Street Lute (WPS)3:21 PM
Woodbine 55 Right Round (WPS)3:28 PM
Del Mar 17 Le Tub (Win)3:30 PM
Golden Gate 16 Beautiful Babe (WP)3:45 PM
Aqueduct 99 Valid Point (WPS)3:47 PM
Will Rogers Downs 82 Sw Gunslinger (WP)3:55 PM
Woodbine 614 Took A Wrong Turn (Win)3:58 PM
Del Mar 38 This Tea (Win)4:30 PM
Woodbine 85 Meet The Soprano (WP)4:58 PM
Del Mar 67 Mystery Man (WPS)6:00 PM
Churchill Downs 1111 Rookery (Win)6:06 PM
Golden Gate 62 Ben Wade (Win)6:15 PM
Golden Gate 73 Tess’s Wild Cat (Win)6:45 PM
Hawthorne 74 Aubrey (WP)6:58 PM
Del Mar 82 Private Mission (Win)7:00 PM
Evangeline Downs 21 Jj Will U B Mine (Win)7:00 PM
Evangeline Downs 35 Broken Hearted (Win)7:25 PM
Hawthorne 82 Little Mighty Man (WPS)7:26 PM
Evangeline Downs 61 Apollitical Jazz (WPS)8:40 PM
Remington Park 75 Brave Nation (WPS)10:55 PM

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