Horse Racing Picks 10/20/23 | Computer Model Picks

Horse Racing Picks 10/20/23

After a great day of horse racing yesterday, we are back with another packed day of horse racing. Today we have races running at Charles Town, Delaware Park, Delta Downs, Evangeline Downs, Gulfstream Park, and other tracks. Our card for today has 24 races. Let me know what you think of today’s plays.

Track Start Time (EST)
Laurel Park 12:25 PM
Delaware Park 12:30 PM
Gulfstream Park 12:50 PM
Remington Park 0:05 PM
Keeneland 1:00 PM
Woodbine 1:15 PM
Santa Anita 4:00 PM
Delta Downs 6:15 PM
Evangeline Downs 6:35 PM
Charles Town 7:00 PM


Horse Racing Picks 10/20 title=10-20-2023-Horse-Race-Card-1
Horse Racing Picks 10/20 title=10-20-2023-Horse-Race-Card-2


Track/Race Pick Post Time (EST)
Remington Park 9 5 That’s Something (WPS) 0:05 PM
Delaware Park 2 3 Night Out (WP) 1:00 PM
Gulfstream Park 2 2 Rod Two Rod (WP) 1:20 PM
Keeneland 2 2 Shes A Secret (WP) 1:32 PM
Keeneland 3 8 Tapitboy (Win) 2:04 PM
Laurel Park 5 1 Seiche (WPS) 2:29 PM
Gulfstream Park 7 3 Don’T Answer (WPS) 3:45 PM
Woodbine 6 1 Guildsman (Fr) (WPS) 4:02 PM
Laurel Park 9 7 Kasimba (Win) 4:39 PM
Keeneland 8 8 Raging Sea (Win) 4:44 PM
Santa Anita 3 6 Aventapp (Win) 5:03 PM
Santa Anita 4 5 Barbera (WPS) 5:33 PM
Santa Anita 6 1 Dorie Miller (Win) 6:34 PM
Santa Anita 7 4 Turn On The Jets (Ire) (WPS) 7:04 PM
Evangeline Downs 3 2 Mp Splashing Pilot (WP) 7:25 PM
Santa Anita 8 1 Halo Uncle (WP) 7:34 PM
Delta Downs 4 4 Jays Holiday (WPS) 7:39 PM
Evangeline Downs 5 8 Outlaw Princess (WP) 8:15 PM
Charles Town 4 6 Sisyphus (Win) 8:32 PM
Evangeline Downs 6 1 Eagle Moon Me (WP) 8:40 PM
Charles Town 5 12 Mo Co Gold (WPS) 9:02 PM
Remington Park 3 5 Stairstep Toheaven (WPS) 9:05 PM
Charles Town 6 2 Karma Bus (WP) 9:32 PM
Remington Park 7 5 Mucho Mia (WPS) 11:01 PM

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