Horse Racing Picks 10/13/21 | Computer Model Picks

Horse Racing Picks 10/13/21

Another promising day of horse racing is going on today. Today’s card features plays from Charles Town, Delaware Park, Evangeline Downs, Finger Lakes, Indiana Grand, and other tracks. Our card for today has 30 plays. Make sure you get all of your plays in before the races start.

TrackStart Time (EST)
Parx Racing12:55 PM
Keeneland1:00 PM
Finger Lakes1:10 PM
Delaware Park1:15 PM
Delta Downs1:55 PM
Indiana Grand2:25 PM
Penn National6:00 PM
Evangeline Downs6:35 PM
Charles Town7:00 PM
Remington Park8:07 PM


Horse Racing Picks 10/13 title=10-13-2021-Horse-Race-Card-1
Horse Racing Picks 10/13 title=10-13-2021-Horse-Race-Card-2


Track/RacePickPost Time (EST)
Parx Racing 13 Free To Fly (WP)12:55 PM
Keeneland 15 Lady Clementine (WP)1:00 PM
Parx Racing 23 Twirling Liz (WPS)1:22 PM
Keeneland 35 Lemonade Stand (Win)2:04 PM
Finger Lakes 35 Pam Dorth Andiamo (WPS)2:08 PM
Parx Racing 55 Gia’s Fuego (Win)2:43 PM
Finger Lakes 57 I Am Sam Samurai (WPS)3:06 PM
Indiana Grand 37 Wanna Have Fun (WPS)3:27 PM
Keeneland 68 Mrs Claus (WPS)3:40 PM
Delaware Park 62 Miss Tap Dance (WP)3:45 PM
Parx Racing 86 Extra Crunchy (Win)4:04 PM
Delaware Park 78 Style (WPS)4:15 PM
Parx Racing 94 Kirtan (WPS)4:31 PM
Finger Lakes 83 Throwing Stones (WPS)4:33 PM
Delaware Park 83 Drink More Bourbon (Win)4:45 PM
Finger Lakes 92 She’s So Golden (WPS)5:02 PM
Evangeline Downs 12 Sizzlin N Louisiana (Win)6:35 PM
Evangeline Downs 21 Aintgonbreakmystride (WP)7:00 PM
Evangeline Downs 31 Jla Louisiana Flirt (WPS)7:25 PM
Evangeline Downs 58 Bugs Streakin Dash (WPS)8:15 PM
Charles Town 42 Split The Check (Win)8:25 PM
Penn National 76 Cowgirl Night (WP)8:36 PM
Evangeline Downs 62 The Geauxt (WPS)8:40 PM
Charles Town 53 Theheatofthenight (WPS)8:53 PM
Evangeline Downs 78 Inseperablebaby (WP)9:05 PM
Evangeline Downs 84 Im Blue And Able (WPS)9:30 PM
Charles Town 77 Fast Loaded (WPS)9:49 PM
Charles Town 85 Marylander (WPS)10:17 PM
Remington Park 711 Texas Prado (WPS)10:55 PM
Remington Park 82 Our Silver Temple (WPS)11:23 PM

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