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College Football Picks Week 8

Auburn vs Ole Miss

The first game on today’s college football card is an early matchup in the SEC between Auburn and Ole Miss. Ole Miss has put up some big scores so far this averaging 41.67 points per game while Auburn has only put up 21.67 points per game. Ole Miss has also done a great job of moving the ball down field with 573 yards per game. Auburn has not been able to move the ball very well only racking up 328.67 yards per game. My pick for this game is Ole Miss +3.

Virginia vs Miami

After a great 4-0 start for this Miami team they did not show up at all against Clemson. One key point to Virginia’s game is there time of possession at 33:15. Even with Miami’s wins they have struggled getting their defense of the field with only 26:28 time of possession. Virginia has also done a great job limiting their penalties with only 4 penalties for 35.33 yards per game. Miami has done slightly worse with 9.25 penalties for 82.75 yards per game. My pick for this game is Virginia +12.5.

Cincinnati vs SMU

The last game of the day is a matchup between Cincinnati and SMU. Both these teams come into this game undefeated with Cincinnati being 3-0 and SMU being 5-0. A big part of SMU’s game has been there ability to limit turnovers. As of now they are only averaging 1.2 turnovers per game, while Cincinnati has turned the ball over 2.33 yards per game. My pick for this game is SMU -2.5.


  • Ole Miss +3
  • Virginia +12.5
  • SMU -2.5


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