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College Football Picks Week 10

Liberty vs Virginia Tech

Liberty travels to Virginia Tech in the first game on today’s card. Liberty has continued their impressive run following the Syracuse victory finding them selves as the 25th ranked team in the country. Even at 6-0 on the season they are some how still getting 14.5 points in this game. One of the most impressive parts of Liberties game has been there passing game. Coming into this game they have averaged 215.83 passing yards a game. Virginia Tech on the other hand has only averaged 182.67 points per game. 14.5 points is way too much to lay against this undefeated Liberty team, which is why I’m taking Liberty in this game.

Nebraska vs Northwestern

After an off week for Nebraska last week they head to Chicago to take on 2-0 Northwestern. Nebraska really struggled in there first game against Ohio State only possessing the ball for 26:46. Northwestern on the other hand has done a great job getting there defense off the field in there first two games with 35:27 time of possession. Northwestern has also done a good job of not making stupid mistakes. In there first two games of the season they committed 5.5 penalties for 46.5 yards. Nebraska didn’t fair near as well with 8 penalties for 90 yards. My pick for this Big Ten showdown is Northwestern -3.5.

Fresno State vs UNLV

The next game is a Mountain West matchup between Fresno State and UNLV. Fresno State comes into this game 1-1 and an 11-point favorite. UNLV on the other hand comes into this game winless in there first 2. UNLV has struggled to put any points on the board only scoring 12.5 points per game. Fresno State on the other hand has scored 28.5 points per game. Fresno State has also done a really good job moving the ball with 420.5 yards per game. UNLV on the other hand has only gained 267 yards per game. Fresno State is just a much better team which is why I am taking them -11 in this game.

Tennessee vs Arkansas

The final college football play is an SEC faceoff between Tennessee and Arkansas. Even though Arkansas only has 2 wins this season they have covered the spread in all 5 of there games. Tennessee on the other hand has only covered in one of there games. Arkansas has moved the ball extremely well this season with 369.2 yards per game. Tennessee on the other hand has only gained 323.8 yards per game. Arkansas also has the slight advantage when it comes to penalties with 5.8 penalties for 37 yards. Tennessee on the other hand has 6.6 penalties for 50 yards. My pick for this game is Arkansas +2.


  • Liberty +14.5
  • Northwestern -3.5
  • Fresno State -11
  • Arkansas +2


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