College Basketball Recap 2/22/20

Kansas Takes Down Baylor

This game was one of the most exciting of the season. Kansas and Baylor split victories in the regular season and will more than likely meet again in the Big 12 Championship. Azubuike played a crazy game scoring 23 points and grabbing 19 rebounds. A big question that comes up following this game if not following up 3 three was the right decision. Ultimately Kansas won the game, but the question still remains. Go check out my article about fouling up three to learn more about the statistics surrounding it.

TCU Tops West Virginia in OT

At one point in this game TCU trailed West Virginia by as many as 10 points. They were able to come back and get the win in OT. Both of these teams have been struggling to win games, but this is really going to hurt West Virginia. They will most likely drop out of the AP Top 25 and only time will tell what this means for the future of this team.

Michigan Boosts There Resume at Purdue

Michigan came into this game as slight underdogs. This win will definitely boost their seed come Selection Sunday. This was a game that Purdue needed to win to keep their tournament hopes alive. According to bracket matrix, they are currently one of the first four teams out. It will be interesting to see how many teams the Big Ten is able to get into the tournament.

Obi Toppin Breaks Dayton Dunk Record

In a year where college basketball has seen all kinds of upsets, Dayton has been playing very well. Currently, they are sitting at a 2 seed in no small part because of Obi Toppin. During Dayton’s victory over Duquesne OBi Toppin broke Dayton’s single-season dunk record. Only time will tell if Dayton can keep winning.

Colorado Falls to UCLA

UCLA has all of a sudden started playing very good basketball. Going into colorado and coming out with a win is an impressive task for this team. Earlier in the year, Colorado looked like one of the best teams in the country, but they have been struggling to win games as of late.

Undefeated No More

San Diego State finally met there match against UNLV. At one point in this game UNLV lead by as many as 14 points. San Diego State threw up a last-second prayer to try and take it to overtime. Who knows how far San Diego State will fall in the AP poll, but they have almost certainly lost there 1 seed in the tournament. You never know what is going to happen in college basketball.

Missed Free Throws in the Desert

With the game tied at the end of the game, Arizona missed two free throws to send the game to overtime. Down 1 with 1 second left in overtime, they were once again sent to the free throw line, and once again they missed both free throws. Games like these are ones you can’t lose if you are looking to make a tournament run. Arizona had the game in there control twice and failed both times.

Gonzaga Struggles Against BYU

After a Baylor loss this morning Gonzaga was looking for a win to potential get the number spot in the country. Unfortunately for Gonzaga BYU was not just going to roll over. Gonzaga was always close in this game, but they could never get a hold of the game. I guess it was just meant to be in a day full of crazy upsets.

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