College Basketball Picks 3/14/21 | Chris’ Picks

College Basketball Picks 3/14/21

VCU vs St. Bonaventure

The first game on the card is the A10 championship between VCU and St. Bonaventure. St. Bonaventure has played great basketball with an adjusted offensive efficiency of 43. VCU on the other hand comes into this game 119th in adjusted offensive efficiency. My pick for this game is St. Bonaventure -1.

LSU vs Alabama

The second game on the card is the SEC championship between LSU and Alabama. LSU has done a very good job not turning the ball over, only turning it over on 16.4% of there possessions. Alabama on the other hand is turning it over on 18.9% of there possessions. My pick for this game is LSU +5.5.

Ohio State vs Illinois

The final play of the day is Ohio State taking on Illinois. Illinois is a great team on both sides of the basketball coming in 5th in adjusted defensive efficiency and 7th in adjusted offensive efficiency. While Ohio State has played good on offense coming in 4th in adjusted offensive efficiency but struggled on defensive coming in 74th in defensive efficiency. My pick for this game is Illinois -5.5.

  • St. Bonaventure -1
  • LSU +5.5
  • Illinois -5.5


CBB Picks 3/14

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