2024 Chris All Results



League Date ▼Matchup Pick Odds Result Bet Size Profit
CBB04/08/2024Purdue vs UConnPurdue +6.5-105Loss2u-2u
CBB04/08/20242024 College Basketball National ChampionAuburn+2500Loss1u-1u
CBB04/08/20242024 College Basketball National ChampionNorth Carolina+1500Loss1u-1u
CBB04/08/20242024 College Basketball National ChampionArizona+1200Loss1u-1u
CBB04/08/20242024 College Basketball National ChampionCreighton+3300Loss1u-1u
CBB04/06/2024NC State vs PurdueNC State +9.5-114Loss1.5u-1.5u
CBB04/06/2024Alabama vs UConnAlabama +12-115Loss1.5u-1.5u
CBB04/04/2024Seton Hall vs Indiana StateSeton Hall +3-105Win2.5u2.38u
CBB04/02/2024Utah vs Indiana StateUtah +3.5-110Loss2.5u-2.5u
CBB03/31/2024Tennessee vs PurdueTennessee +4-115Loss1.5u-1.5u
CBB03/31/2024NC State vs DukeNC State +7-110Win1u0.91u
CBB03/30/2024Illinois vs UConnIllinois +9-110Loss1.5u-1.5u
CBB03/30/2024Clemson vs AlabamaClemson +3.5-108Loss2u-2u
CBB03/29/2024NC State vs MarquetteNC State +6.5-108Win1.5u1.39u
CBB03/29/2024Gonzaga vs PurdueGonzaga +5.5-110Loss2.5u-2.5u
CBB03/28/2024Clemson vs ArizonaClemson +7.5-110Win2u1.82u
CBB03/28/2024Illinois vs Iowa StateIowa State -1.5-110Loss1.5u-1.5u
CBB03/27/2024VCU vs UtahUtah -6-110Win2u1.82u
CBB03/26/2024Cincinnati vs Indiana StateCincinnati +3.5-115Loss2u-2u
CBB03/25/2024Purdue Fort Wayne vs Tarleton StateTarleton State -5.5-110Loss1.5u-1.5u

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