2024 Chris All Results



League Date ▼Matchup Pick Odds Result Bet Size Profit
CBB04/08/20242024 College Basketball National ChampionAuburn+25001u0u
CBB04/08/20242024 College Basketball National ChampionNorth Carolina+15001u0u
CBB04/08/20242024 College Basketball National ChampionArizona+12001u0u
CBB03/01/2024Arkansas State vs Appalachian StateAppalachian State -6.5-110Win2u1.82u
CBB03/01/2024Rider vs NiagaraNiagara -2-110Loss1.5u-1.5u
CBB02/29/2024Bryant vs UMass LowellUMass Lowell -3.5-110Win2u1.82u
CBB02/29/2024Northeastern vs DelawareDelaware -5.5-110Win1.5u1.36u
CBB02/29/2024UC Irvine vs CS NorthridgeCS Northridge +7.5-110Loss2.5u-2.5u
CBB02/28/2024Furman vs Western CarolinaWestern Carolina -2.5-115Win2u1.74u
CBB02/28/2024Florida Gulf Coast vs North FloridaNorth Florida -3.5-115Loss1.5u-1.5u
CBB02/28/2024Minnesota vs IlllinoisMinnesota +11.5-110Win1.5u1.36u
CBB02/27/2024Nevada vs Colorado StateNevada +5.5-110Win1.5u1.36u
CBB02/27/2024San Jose State vs San Diego StateSan Jose State +21.5-112Win2u1.79u
CBB02/26/2024Delaware State vs NC CentralNC Central -3-110Win2u1.82u
CBB02/25/2024Marist vs St. Peter'sSt. Peter's -2.5-110Win2u1.82u
CBB02/24/2024Charleston vs TowsonTowson +2.5-110Loss2.5u-2.5u
CBB02/24/2024Albany vs UMass LowellUMass Lowell -8-110Win1.5u1.36u
CBB02/24/2024Gardner Webb vs UNC AshevilleUNC Asheville -3.5-115Loss1.5u-1.5u
CBB02/24/2024North Dakota vs North Dakota StateNorth Dakota State -1.5-110Win2u1.82u
CBB02/24/2024Oklahoma vs Oklahoma StateOklahoma -1.5-104Win1u0.96u

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