Championship Week 2020 Preview Part 2

Championship Week 2020 Preview Part 2

The college basketball regular season is officially over and it is finally time for championship week. Last week we got a taste of some conference championships and they did not disappoint. This week all 32 conferences are finally into win or go home mode. While the power 5 or 6 or 7 conferences matter, the real good games will be in the mid-majors. This is the time of year we get to brag to our friends that we have been watching the potential 15 and 16 seeds play all season. THIS IS MARCH.

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While teams like Tulsa will certainly put up a fight in this tournament, Houston is the favorite to win it. Cincinnati and Wichita State need some good wins to secure there spot in the tournament. Unless something crazy happens if one of those two teams can make it to the championship they will most likely go dancing. Personally I think that Wichita State is putting everything together at the right time and showed that in there win over Tulsa. However, my official pick for the American Athletic Conference is Houston.

My Pick: Houston
Championship Week 2020 Preview Part 2


It would be really hard to convince me that Dayton doesn’t win this conference, but San Diego State showed us even the best teams fall. I think that Saint Louis and Rhode Island have a chance to take them down, but Richmond is the only team that has a great chance. Richmond went on a run to close out the season and has done a great job of shooting free throws. With that said Obe Toppin has shown that he can lead this team to victory. My pick for the A10 is Dayton.

My Pick: Dayton
A10 Bracket


These power conferences are very had to predict when it comes to tournament time. Most of the teams that have a shot to win know they are in the NCAA tournament whether or not they win this game. I think that this conference has 4 great teams and then everyone else. And of those 4 teams, Florida State and Duke are the 2 I think have the best shot. Personally I think that whichever one of those teams gets to the championship will win it. I like Florida State, but I don’t like going against Duke come tournament time. My pick for the ACC is Duke

My Pick: Duke
ACC Bracket

Big 12

As crazy as it sounds the team that needs this the most is Texas. Currently, they are on the outside looking into the tournament and a couple of wins could do a lot for them. While Kansas is no dought the favorite after that it is anyone’s game. While I really want to take Texas or Baylor to win this, Kansas basically gets to play at home. There is no denying the fact that it will be mostly Jayhawk fans at the Sprint Center for the Kansas games. With that said I really hate Bill Self and think that Shaka Smart is going to prove he is a good coach. My pick for the Big 12 is Texas.

My Pick: Texas
Big 12 Bracket

Big East

If you wanted to watch a good college basketball game this season the Big East was probably your best bet. This tournament has set up for some weird games since there was a 3-way regular-season tie for the regular season championship. Really you could choose Creighton, Seton Hall, or Villanova to win and it would be a good pick. However, there is the idea that they won’t play as hard since they are all ready firmly in the tournament. This was one of the hardest tournaments to pick, but I think that Seton Hall will win the Big East.

My Pick: Seton Hall
Big East Bracket

Big Sky

Montana has played in two consecutive NCAA tournaments, so they know the importance of winning this tournament. I think that the winner of this tournament will either be Northern Colorado or Montana. Northern Colorado finished the season out very well only losing 1 game of there last 8. My pick for the Big Sky is Northern Colorado.

My Pick: Northern Colorado

Big Ten

The Big Ten has been playing crazy this year and could have as many as 10 teams in the NCAA Tournament. Needless to say this tournament means very little. With that said I have had Michigan State as the highest-ranked Big Ten team the entire season. I believe this is where they show that they truly belong among the top teams in the country. My pick for the Big Ten tournament is Michigan State.

My Pick: Michigan State
Big Ten Bracket

Big West

I would be very surprised if this tournament does not end with UC Irvine playing UC Santa Barbara. The favorite to win it all is Irvine who only lost 3 games during all of conference play. While Santa Barabara finished the season strong, they did struggle against good teams. I think that UC Irvine is going dancing for the second year in a row.

My Pick: UC Irvine
Big West Bracket

* Bracket reseeds after the first round

Conference USA

North Texas played very well finishing the regular season as champions. I think that the best two teams in this conference are North Texas and LA Tech. LA Tech is a very good team, but they have struggled to shoot free throws. North Texas, on the other hand, has done a great job of shooting across the board. My pick for Conference USA is North Texas.

My Pick: North Texas
Conference USA Bracket

Ivy League

Even though there are only 3 games in this entire tournament it is one of the most exciting. Yale has been playing very well this season and has done a great job of covering the spread. One of the best parts of Yale’s game has been there three-point shooting. My pick for the Ivy League is Yale.

My Pick: Yale
Ivy League Bracket


Surprisingly I have watched a lot of MAAC games this season. While Siena is the big favorite, the team that I like is Quinnipiac. Quinnipiac has done a great job of shooting the ball from three and the free-throw line. Even though they hit a rough patch mid-season they put together some great wins to close it out. My pick for the MAAC is Quinnipiac.

My Pick: Quinnipiac
MAAC Bracket


The Mac has always been one of my favorite conferences. While they will most likely only be a one-bid conference there is a chance a second sneaks in. Akron is the heavy favorite in this tournament and for good reason. They finished the season very strong losing only 1 game in there last 9. My pick for the MAC is Akron.

My Pick: Akron
MAC Bracket


There is no denying the fact that this conference is the worst in the country. No matter what team comes out of this conference they will be a 16 seed. With all that said I think that the only decent team in this league is Norfolk State. Norfolk State is the only team that really sticks out in this league. My pick for this game is Norfolk State.

My Pick: Norfolk State
MEAC Bracket

Pac 12

While the Pac 12 isn’t as bad as it was last year, that doesn’t mean it was good. The fact that Washington ended up in last place is very surprising considering how good they started the season. Oregon is definitely the favorite, but UCLA has put together a good resume to finish the season. After a rough start to the Mick Cronin era, UCLA has started to turn the ship around. I think that UCLA has the most to play for in this tournament and will get the win. My pick for the Pac 12 is UCLA.

My Pick: UCLA
Pac 12 Bracket


This tournament has the chance to be one of the most exciting. Kentucky, LSU, and Auburn are the likely winners, but Florida and Mississippi State have a good chance.  I think that the team with the easiest road to the championship is Auburn. Bruce Pearl has quietly put together a season that rivals the Final Four run last year. I believe that Auburn is the best team in the SEC, however, this tournament is wide open. My official pick for this tournament is Auburn.

My Pick: Auburn
SEC Bracket


Stephen F. Austin is by far the favorite in this conference. Ever since they beat Duke during the non-conference they have looked like a great team. Given the fact that they only need to win 2 games, they are basically a shoo-in. I could keep talking, but I don’t see much point. My pick for this tournament is Stephen F. Austin.

My Pick: Stephen F. Austin
Southland Bracket


If I’m being honest I watched very little SWAC basketball this season. Really the only thing I know much about is Snacks from Jacksonville State. I could pretend to make a pick, but I am taking Jacksonville State simply because I want to see Snacks in the big dance.

My Pick: Jacksonville State
SWAC Bracket


And the last, but certainly not least conference we have the WAC. My favorite team in this conference is Cal Baptist, but unfortunately they ineligible for the NCAA tournament so they won’t be playing in the WAC tournament. So I move on to my next favorite team in New Mexico State. They are by far and away the best team in this conference going 16-0 in conference play. My official pick for the WAC is New Mexico State.

My Pick: New Mexico State

Part 2 Recap

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