Sports Betting in the United States 2021

Sports Gambling is booming in the United States. As of June 2021, 21 states and DC have legal and operational sports betting. 9 other states have legalized sports betting but are not yet operational. Of the 20 states that have not legalized sports betting, only 6 states have seen no new legislation in 2021. In most legal states, users can place bet remotely through sportsbook apps like FanDuel, DraftKings, and the Barstool Sportsbook. While residents of Oregon can only legally bet through the state-run Lottery App. Still Other states like New York only allow sports wagers to be placed at casinos. Because Sports Betting is a state issue, it is important to know the rules unique to your state. For example, In states like New Jersey you cannot bet on in state colleges like Rutgers and Seton Hall. When it comes to signing up for a sportsbook, I always recommend signing up at all the books offered in your state so you can get the best odds available. Always remember to read to rules of each book before placing a bet.

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2021 MLB Future Bets

On today's episode Chris takes a look at the 2021 MLB Season. He starts off today's show by taking a look at some of his favorite team win totals. Next he takes a look at his favorite teams to win there divisions. Finally, he takes a look at his two favorite teams to win the World Series.

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