Air Force v. UC Riverside 12/31/19

Coming off of ten days of rest over the Christmas break Air Force looks to take on UC Riverside at home. After a shocking win for Riverside at Nebraska to open the season they have only won 2 out of there last 6 games on the road. Of those games, the further they have had to travel has had a negative impact on their performance. Along with that, they have struggled to win games on the road with short rest, and while 3 days isn’t exactly short Air Force is definitely the more rested team. Air Force, on the other hand, has won 3 of there last 5 games at home. In this week’s power rankings Air Force ranked 193rd in the country while Riverside came in at 253rd. There are several factors that contribute to Air Force having the advantage in this one. One of the most telling stats is here ability to shoot the ball from beyond the arch. So far this season there 3pt% is 39.6% while Riverside’s is only 34.1%. Another big part of Air Force’s game is its accuracy from the free-throw line. This season they have been shooting 75.0% from the free-throw line while Riverside has only shot 70.0%. However, I think that the main thing that separates these teams is the turnover rate. Air Force only turns the ball over 18.3% of the time while Riverside turns it over 21.2%. With all this said I think that Air Force -4 is the best play for this game.

Air Force -4

Chris Hogan

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